Tattoo Artists, Who Was Your Worst Client? | People Stories #626

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  1. I really feel that misleading somebody via a misinterpreted tattoo should constitute multiple crimes, with appropriate jail sentences: 1, A race crime, because it involves specifically targeting foreigners who don't read your language. 2, GBH, because it's a massive, near permanent marking on the body which is very painful to go through, effectively now being the result of a 1-5 hour long assault. And lastly, false imprisonment, because rather then being in a store for a service, they are now in effectively a torture room, against their knowledge, and would obviously be against their will if they knew.

  2. My Dad has a tattoo that was done by the the actual Sailor Jerry after several tours in Vietnam of a caduceus (He's a retired Corpsman, 3 tours on the ground with USMC and one on ship in Vietnam/Cambodia; mother also retired as Corpsman) It's a neat tattoo.

  3. Tattoo artist in Salem ma take gold, silver, and Bitcoin as payment…. I bet I could trade a PS5 for a serious tattoo…. Barter syst has never left.

  4. 15:20 – This is so fucked up. I feel so bad for that girl. If I ever get a tattoo I will not do it out of the country, this kind of messed up shit deserves to have been met with a lawsuit.

  5. I get so afraid that I wont have the money for these things. If I go to a consultation and ask for estimate I dont care how high it could be I'll add a hundred dollars to it just to be safe. I'd rather save to much money than not enough. That would be embarrassing 😳

  6. I'll probably never understand tattoos. In my opinion they're just really tacky. Sort of similar to putting a bunch of bumper stickers all over your car.

  7. Is no one gonna talk about the getting married dude who got a stripper's name tattooed on his dick? Did he get it covered, did him and his fiancee break up? I gotta know! XD

  8. My husband got a Chinese dragon with the words "white dragon" tattooed on his leg. It was the nickname the Chinese students gave him when he studied abroad in China. He confirmed with every Chinese person he knew that the characters said what they were meant to before having them tattooed.

  9. Was in the Canadian Navy, and got my first tat in Slackers (Halifax, N.S.) On a trip to Pompeii (Plymouth, England), I wanted a second one. Went in the shop, told them what I wanted. Man says: "You ever have a tat before?" Showed him my first one. "Oh, Jerry Swallow in Slackers, right?" He was correct. I was stunned.