Tattoo Artists React To Twitch Streamer's Tattoos | Tattoo Artists React

Tattoo artists react to tattoos on popular Twitch streamers including Ninja, Dr. Disrespect, Tfue, and more.

Artists in this video:
Kelly Doty:
Britt Whitman:
Alexandra Fische:
Robbie Ripoll:
Sonya Grenell:
Christopher Bettley:
Mark Longenecker:
Ryan Eternal:
Cervena Fox:
Dustin Rochowiak:
Amber Joy:
Juan Salgado:
Nicole Willingham:
Ryan Willingham:
DJ Tambe:
Anthony Michaels:
Josh Payne:
Killian Moon:
Durb Morrison:
Lil Van:
Ron Russo:
Nicole Elisa:
Dave Tevenal:

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  1. For anyone who doesn't know, Twitch has an awesome creative community as well. It's my favorite place to hang out with, and learn from, professional artists

  2. Holy shit this guy is absolutely insufferable like get over yourself 10:49. dude thinks his work is the best and had negative things to say about every tat even the ones that were given majority good feedback.

  3. @ judgmental fat woman has pale skin and dyed hair. Thats just words where just saying things. I love when walking stereo types point out other walking stereo types lol.

  4. I love that people spending a metric fuck ton on tattoos get credit as “well thought out” I’d be surprised if any of them did it with crowd sourcing their audience.

  5. As someone who is three years into Chinese, getting characters or kanji (Japanese) isn’t for everyone. You should actually KNOW what it says. Google translate is not reputable. The sentence structure is so different, there is a pretty good chance of getting the order wrong.