Tattoo Artists React To Tattoo Mistakes On Celebrities | Tattoo Artists Answer

Tattoo artists try to figure out the tattoo mistakes on celebrities including Ariana Grande, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga.

Artists in this video:
Kelly Doty:
Britt Whitman:
Jess Brown:
Sean Gardner:
Ron Russo:
Alexandra Fische:
Robbie Ripoll:
Sonya Grenell:
Christopher Bettley:
Mark Longenecker:
Ryan Eternal:
Paul Booth:
Cervena Fox:
Allie Oxenblood:
Steve Irwin:
Dustin Rochowiak:
Amber Joy:
DJ Tambe:
Anthony Michaels:
Josh Payne:
Killian Moon:
Dave Tevenal:

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  1. I have a memorial tattoo for my great grandmother that’s facing me because I want to look at it and remember how wonderful of a person she was! To me, anything that is on a wrist or inner forearm that means something to you and you want to look at it everyday then you should get it facing you. These artists a little cynical!

  2. I have a tat like Demi’s. It’s a semi colon shaped like a wolf. It’s only little and it’s the way up so I can see it. Because it’s my reminder to carry on my life. It also means when I raise my fist in power or “punch the air” it’s the right way up to say “heck yeah, I didn’t quit on life and look what’s happened.”

  3. Glad the tattooer talking about Rihanna’s tattoo….was checked instantly…After she tried to call out all White People as Racists, just for getting tattoos in another language…when she realized Rihanna is Black not White.
    ( Woke Americans…always chastise White people..for the ugliness in there own hearts & souls )

  4. I think Gaga was drunk or something when she got it and they forgot the fifth line, but they added it and it does read as G-A-G-A now. 😂 Fuck that artist for saying she deserved the mess-up just for hating a song. 😒

  5. Also as much as i think demi lovato is insane, i agree with other commenters. I got “are you dreaming” on my wrist so i could read it

  6. Has anyone noticed at 2:58 that guy’s demonic looking necklace does a creepy glow ? I know they edited the video to look that way but it’s still creepy imo

  7. Real question: I am surprised that artists care so much about right side up placement issue Is that due to A) a modern concept of the body as canvas and frame, & the artist wants the piece displayed as art (basically, the art is the total point, the body it's on has a duty to display the artist's work correctly)? Or B) the idea that traditionally tattooing is a social concept, something initiated by one's society to benefit the indiv and society, and therefore the art belongs to the community? C) or simply a strong aesthetic & professional preference, relating more to the art as commerce/income? Sorry, I m a real nerd lol but now I can't stop mulling this over…also, I think my personal concept of my tattoos might be in conflict with the profession's and I am bummed that I may be a bad client 🙁

  8. I was very lucky and very dumb. At 15 I gave myself a chicken scratch looking compass rose on my arm.. a tattooist took pity on me, and I think was very tired of see it so she covered it for me.took three different pictures, put them all together in three different ways, I chose one and she did her magic. Through growth and living and changing it has always looked amazing and I thank her every day for it💜

  9. What I'm picking up from this video is, the amount of people that are looking at the same thing and seeing much different things than one another.

  10. The stay strong tattoo isn't the wrong way up if she's holding a microphone. You got to think of how it will look when she's having a performance you know her hands in the air.