Tattoo Artists React To Bad Cover Up Tattoos | Tattoo Artists Answer

Tattoo artists react to poorly done cover up tattoos, and try to figure out what exactly is the end result.

Artists in this video:
Carlos Torres:
Anali De Laney:
Lisette Martinez:
Kevin Boudreau:
Sara Fabel:
Guy Aitchison:
Mark Wade:
Bobby Cupparo:
Chris Meighan:
Teej Poole:
Pony Lawson:
Stefano Alcantara:
Bror Wensjoe:
Yomico Moreno:
Steve Butcher:
Dave Paulo:
Tye Harris:
Courtney Raimondi:
Alexandra Fische:
Jesse Levitt:
Ruben Barahona:
Joe Smith:
Nikki Simpson:

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  1. Do these people not know what a railroad spike is. Like the second is absolutely a horrible tattoo but it also still looks like a railroad spike more than anything else?? seems odd that nobody said it. Though I agree on the odd real monsters comparison. XD

  2. The longer I stare at the black mass of tentacles or whatever on that guy’s arm, I can’t help but think you could put some eyes around it and just make it a Skyrim reference or a lovecraftian thing.

  3. 4:49 after looking at it for a while and reading that phrase I just realized that's a Samba's School's logo (G.R.E.S Beija-flor de Nilópolis), i almost didn't remember seeing it before on a Carnaval parede….
    When it's something that meaningful to you perhaps it'd be the best to save a bit more of money and look for a better tattoo artist.