Tattoo artists, hotel clerk among victims killed in shooting spree

Many of the victims killed or wounded in Monday shooting spree were connected to tattoo shops. The suspect was shot and killed after a confrontation with police.

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  1. At 2:41 pay attention to the guy behind the reporter setting flowers down against the wall. He is acting normal (other than the fact he’s carrying flowers) with no tears but as soon as he sets the flowers down he gets his phone out to record himself and it’s only then that he starts crying. He was thinking “wait until i hit record…ready, action, and start crying.” What a fake ass person, just wants the world to see “how much he cares.” I would love to find this video, the one from his cellphone that shows him crying…im sure he posted it on some social media outlet, maybe Tiktok. Even if he didn’t have the camera pointed at himself (i cant tell) he still waits to cry only after he hits record. Why do people want to record themselves crying all the damn time. I guess just to show everyone “they care” just to get a million likes on Facebook.
    Sorry people, i always notice shit like this in the back ground.
    Sad this all happened 💔