Tattoo Artists Guess The Prices of Tattoos

“Dude, this is very cool”

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  1. did I get overcharged? Tbh I didnt expect that happened to me…this artist is actually worldwide well known but he charged liked 1,3k for a small tattoo on my forearm…and whole work is about only 1-2 hour…. I am so sad 🙁

  2. is it an American thing to make tattoos that expensive?
    u could literally travel to europe. pay for an hotel room, and get a tattoo with the money they charge for a single tattoo in the US. jesus….

  3. "700 would get you something about as big as your hand" Never getting a tattoo by him. I'm sure he's a great guy who does a lot of great work, but wooooooooah

  4. To be honest… Tattoos are are rich people. If artists want to do more, get better, and have more of a portfolio, they should get more realistic with their prices. 1000 dollars can literally keep someone from being homeless.

  5. these were so cheap???? My 14x5cm tat cost 340€ and my 6x6cm one cost 250€
    theres nothing under 100€ here, most start at 150 for ~6cm

  6. Bruh I nailed most of these. You gotta account for the skill level. The artists were pricing based on their own experience not the actual quality of tattoo.

  7. Me over here looking at these tattoos like… "Damn, I would've done that one for only $80" 😥

    Charging people is hard for me man. I never stress on detail

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  9. Bruh I got a dog print all black with my dogs name under it and it’s like 3-5 on my wrist area and that only cost 90 where as a ! cost 100 😂

  10. It funny how us as consumers watching have such a better idea of normal rates since we shop around. It’s crazy how far off actual tattooers can be. We all know they one guy who you asked for a quote and they said like $1200 for some small tattoo. They are just allowed to live in their bubble of what they think they deserve

  11. I have a tattoo jam packed with color, lettering, and a silhouette in it. It’s the size of my palm on my forearm and was only charged $140 these prices are insane. My tattoo is a beautiful memorial for my Dad.

  12. Most every tattoo artist prices for the area they are in. I got $500 dollars for a tattoo in the city, I had to sell the same tattoo for $250 when I moved the boonies.