Tattoo Artists Guess Celebrity Tattoos | Tattoo Artists Answer

Tattoo artists try to guess which celebrity has which tattoo, and share their thoughts on the tattoos.

Did you play along? How many did you get right? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Anyone who watches the show how far is tattoo far knows it’s ironic any of those guys have a say on what’s a bad tattoo/ bad placement. They can’t tattoo for shit.

  2. No offense but if there is something I’ve realized about tattoo artists it’s that even some of the best artists any of us know have garbage tatted on them as well.

  3. Im actually mad that they looked at Whoopi's tattoo and didnt know it was her. You can see the hair in the picture! Queen Latifah has a lighter skintone, but most people can tell by just the part of her and not the tattoo.

  4. Officially everyone agrees that Justin Bieber's has horrible tattoos. I didn't know that this was common sense, but it's interesting to know.

  5. Ryan's opinions about the tattoos just crack me up. First Selena's then Whoopi's then Megan's. XDD We got the same opinions. You want to get a tattoo, get art that's worth it and not some Live Laugh Love shit on your shoulder lmaooo

  6. Why they are all assuming the shitty tattoo were done when celebrity were famous or grown up ? Idk they've been a teen too 3:50
    And maybe it just have a specific meaning.

    So annoying how some tattoo artist can be this judging and condescended.

  7. Artists: who got that shitty dragon tattoo?
    Artists find out it's Whoopi Goldberg
    Artists, in such a positive tone: What a BEAST

    I love it, personally. It's very Japanese in style, and she's one of my favorite actresses ♥️

  8. Bella Thorne is from shake it up with Zendaya they played best friends both took different paths ones more sexual now she's in famous in love, the duff, blended, midnight sun, and time is up and it's with with her fiancee Benjamin also Megan Fox loves Shakespeare I learned that from the interview she did with her fiancee MGK that's why she has that quote and I love Selena Gomez g it's a cute meaning and I only want positive vibes if you're disrespectful in my comment section it will be deleted

  9. I wish they would explain WHY it’s bad cuz those of us who aren’t tattoo artists can’t see what they see, at least I dont
    Like I don’t understand why these think a tattoo is bad since I’m not a tattoo artist