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We have the newest equipment.

We have a license from the Ministry of Health.

We work in a studio free from cigarettes, drugs and alcohol.

We make piercing for wearing jewelry

Use jewelry made from medical titanium and medical stainless steel.

In the Tattoo Artists Columbia SC we use healthy and fresh colors according to the Ministry of Health 100% Sterile!

Tattoo Artists Columbia SC specializes in special tattoos and unique paintings according to customer requirements.

Each tattoo has its own uniqueness so that each customer will be satisfied with the result that will accompany him throughout his life.

Tattoos are for us a living and breathing art and we decided to do everything to learn the profession in depth To specialize and reach the highest levels.

In the tattoo shops near Columbia sc we use healthy and fresh colors according to the Ministry of Health

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Remove the plastic wrap after 3-2 hours and wash the tattoo with lukewarm water or baby wipes. Wrap the tattoo with a new plastic wrap.
Above actions should be repeated every 3-2 hours during a 24 hours period.
After 24 hours, wash the tattoo again and apply a Bepanthen-Plus Cream.
Repeat the previous action 2-3 times a day for period of one month.
While your tattoo is still in treatment –
Refrain from tanning or exposing the tattoo to a direct sunlight.
Refrain from swimming – shower should be the only reason for getting your tattoo in touch with water.
Refrain from wearing tight clothes.

Tattoo Artists Columbia SC is located in the center of the country and is easy to access and stay:

Parking, public services, and restaurants.

Information and advice on all studio services can be obtained during the working hours

Call the phone- (803) 281-4545