Tattoo Artists Are Covering Up Racist Symbols For Free

Symbols have become a uniting force among white supremacist and extremist groups, sometimes taking the form of permanent ink. A nonprofit called Redemption Ink is helping people move on from their hateful pasts.

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Tattoo Artists Are Covering Up Racist Symbols For Free

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  1. We're out there fighting terrorists in different countries but what we really should be doing is fighting our domestic terrorists that's what they are simple as that terrorists

  2. Wait.. is Mjolnir a racist symbol now?!?! Someone please explain!! I don't want to wear my Thor Hammer necklace if so … Hope I'm misuderstanding… timestamp: 5:40

  3. I’d just like to point out that, that tattoo on the thumbnail isn’t racist
    Reason 1it says rebel on it
    Reason 2 it has a skull and a confederate battle flag (not the one commonly used with southern racist) with a confederate battle cap . How is that racist
    . I’d also like to ask why do democrats constantly wanna cover up the fact that it was the democrats that started the civil war?

  4. Remember we all are born brainwashed u have to find yourself as an adult
    I'm happy for them. Im sure they have something better to live for. GOD bless this man business for helping people 🙏