Tattoo artist trades In for watch he really wanted. (Ep 25 • 2021)

This week was filled with lots of client meetings. Andrew worked with a fellow Youtuber, Guns and Gadgets, to help him find a watch he really wanted. The Wolves also celebrated Black Friday with some great deals on watches. It is almost December so make sure you reach out if you are looking for a watch for the holidays because things are starting to get even more busy due to the season. Drop in at the store if you are local (or if you want to make a trip) or reach out online or by phone.

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Joshua Navarro
Andrew Navarro
Joshua Bell

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  1. Absolutely love love love these episodes!!! So inspiring to see people getting their dream watches. ❤ Just pure passion on camera. Thanks everyone!

  2. Always outstanding customer service with excellence! It great to see each customer always relaxed and feel at home with watching the vlogs. Great content guys!

  3. And another week/episode has gone by.. time is running, yet I am looking forward to next week. 👌 Nice that the shop already has some Christmas vibes 🎄 😄

  4. Im a tattooer from Tampa and love your guys channel! If ya ever want work give me a shout! Id love to come out, meet you guys and tattoo!

  5. Love watching you guys interacting with your clients , who is behind the camera ? Sometimes he comes up with cool comments. Have a fantastic week boys 😎

  6. What happened before – I was watching this video (Episode 25) about 11 or 12 hours ago and then all of a sudden the video stopped playing and got removed? Did you re-edit some part and then re-uploaded?

  7. Curious as to how the no display case method has been going. Sounded like the initial idea was to bring out 1 or 2 specific watches for each client, so the client's decision making process isnt sidetracked or distracted by other watches. But in practice, they presented the same 3 box full of watches for the 3 separate clients in this video. That seems to go against the initial vision. Why not just keep them all out in display cases at this point? Or this is to give the illusion that the boxes were specifically curated for each client haha.

  8. Does the red head have to say something after every comment that’s made? He has to have the last word no matter what and if he can’t think of anything to say he will just repeat what was just said. Everyone knows you’re there and you’re part of the company relax a little you’re trying too hard to be the star of the show.

  9. Jeez . Young Mr. Bell should be less of a salesman and more of a marketer . Your watch knowledge has to be spot on to garner confidence . Good channel and I wish you all the best , but I think it’s a better idea to distinguish roles . My thoughts