Tattoo Artist Helps People By Covering Scars

Jo Harrison is a tattoo artist based in Shrewsbury, England. She has been covering up scars with tattoos for the past 23 years and she believes that her art can inspire positive change in those people who have suffered trauma of some kind, from cancer to self-harm and abusive behaviors.

She works in a private studio called “UN1TY” and mainly focuses on large-scale colored projects.

Jo did her first cover up for a friend of hers who had attempted suicide on her wrist. Since then, she’s helped more than 100 clients by doing large-scale tattoos and multiple cover-ups.

Tattoo art has been her only job. She became passionate about it during university, where she invested her student load in tattoo equipment and started tattooing her friends.

She currently hopes she can work with charities to help people dealing with trauma.

Watch the video above to discover more about Jo, her work, her challenges and her motivation.

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Tattoo Artist Helps People By Covering Scars

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  1. I suffer from eczema and this is the reason why I am contemplating on getting a tattoo. I always feel conscious showing my legs and would opt to wear pants instead of shorts even on really hot summer. I hope that through tattoos, I will be able to be more confident about myself.

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  4. I was abused physically emotionally and mentally 6 years ago when I lived in Las Vegas. He would hold me down and take a knife to my arm to "teach me a lesson". I just recently started my tattoo to cover them. I'm beyond happy.

  5. I have extensive scarring on my back. Looking for an artist in the SoCal region that I can have a consultation with. Anyone have recommendations on how to find one?

  6. Hi Everyone, I never had tattoo but looking for one to cover up Scares on of my arm from self harm. How do I find out expert artist to cover up this scares? and how much would the price point go about? i'm age of 27 male working really hard to to dream about the day I can go in the beach with t-shirt not being scared showing my arms away I had weak moment in my life.

  7. I have scars on my upper arm i would love to get them covered up one day because i have made my way through that chapter of my life and looking at them remindes me of what i did to myself

  8. I just had surgery to remove tumors behind my heart, the middle of my chest & one that was taking up 75% of my esophagus. They went through my back and side to avoid cracking my chest open. I am afraid I will never let my husband see me like this. A tattoo to cover it would be a great idea.

  9. Scars are there to remind you of how strong you are. Because what ever tried to beat you, they were the weak one.

    But I support this tattooist for making everyone feel even more confident. I respect you Jo πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ