TATTOO ARTIST EXPOSED! | My Tattoo Tour | Pony Lawson

You asked for it… here is my tattoo tour!
More tattoo critiques coming next week!
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  1. Ha, Jim Jefferys chickened out, I have an ex that kinda of reminds me of you and he started tattooing a few years ago, he has a USB port behind one of his ears, I encouraged his art but he wasn't all that good, hope he has got better, I reckon he may be a fan of yours, so if he ever reads this, shout out to Nigel "Red" x
    Thanks for uncovering for us, I don't feel so bad about the Conan the barbarian on my back now and just might see if anyone can just fix him, instead of getting him covered.

  2. Why don't you finish some of your tattoos and make them pop and actually look good? Wasn't expecting you to have such horrible tattoos

  3. I actually don't like colorful tattoos. I have nothing but black and gray. A lot of older color tats tend to look like blobs of faded, washed out colors and I'm just not into that look. Only black and gray for me.

  4. My tattoo by josh is still my favorite piece . Haven’t gotten inked again for almost 7 years lo we gotta ride sometime tho Pony! If you still have that hog

  5. 4 year old Nikko Hurtado piece looking ROUGH…and that's on a thigh with very little sun exposure. Feel bad for people that get suckered into these ultra realistic color portraits. Especially from a celebrity tattooer like Nikko…That shit ain't cheap. Probably going to be a blue blob in another 4 years.

  6. I'm constantly amazed by how some the best artists in the business, have the worst tattoos. Also, I have my ex's name. You're better off with the kids scrawl.

  7. It's funny seeing a good artist with tattoos like these. Youd ask yourself why not fix or get them covered? I quess nostalgia is usually the answer 😉 even if someones tattoo is super nice just think how anyone actually looks at it or comments on it? As in a complete stranger. Hardly ever is the answer unless it's absolutely shockingly shite lol. So imo, get whatever the f… you want, who cares?