Tattoo Artist Bang Bang Answers More Tattoo Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy uses the power of Twitter to answer even more common questions about tattoos and tattooing. What happens when you get a scar on your tattoo? How hard is it to get a tattoo removed? How much should you tip a tattoo artist?

Check out the first part of this episode of Tech Support here:

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Tattoo Artist Bang Bang Answers More Tattoo Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

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  1. I broke my wrist and needed surgery so the surgeon said he’d do his best to keep my tattoos together. A little corner of a star I have doesn’t line up but it’s barely noticeable to anyone else so I appreciate my doctor 🙏🏽

  2. Also if there is only one person in the world that you should absolutely tip it’s your tattoo artist, as long as they’ve done a good job.

  3. Wish I could have asked him how many people he's tattooed that have screamed like bitches. Some people have really thin or sensitive skin and they just wail and wail.

  4. watching these types of videos are really good for me because i really wanna be a tattoo artist when i’m older but no one around me thinks tattoos are as interesting as i do so finding this type of this stuff is amazing

  5. I fuckin love this guy! How honest and open he is about the profession and the decisions that need to be made by the artist/tattooer to create the piece of art the customer is asking for!? I have watched several videos that he has been apart of and have reconsidered my own choices for my next tattoo. A big thank you to the people who found this person to be a spokesman for the tattoo community and the real artists who are dedicated and set themselves apart.

  6. I would so fly to America to have him do my tattoos though gotta wait till I'm out of school and have money for that. He is such a chill and welcoming dude.

  7. I just had a question: im still really young but im almost positive that when im older I want to get a tiny heart on the inside of my finder. Is that possible and how bad will it hurt? if anyone even knows

  8. What about of u get a tat on your bicep and u gain muscle does that tattoo stay the same or does it move with your skin? And will it look weird

  9. Why does the guy that Bang Bang is tattooing look more like Bang Bang when Bang Bang is explaining things as opposed to Bang Bang when he's tattooing the guy?