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  1. Whoop whoop Texas in the house 361 Dirty South is what it's about, smoking up and smokin out, keeping it hot like the middle of June, got the Texas tycoons making country rap tunes.

  2. I've dealt with ghost almost all my life. I've had some scary ones but I don't take they're shit. I tell them to knock it off and most the time they do. I have fun with them too. I play with them. They have rattled me a few times with shaking door knows and doors. One guy walking thru my bedroom while I'm sitting in my bed. Anyway..I still get shadows..movement..thumbing on the back of my couch. I just ignore it. My advice to you , have fun with them. Don't let them know you're me.

  3. Beside the sage, pray over some olive oil 🫒, make the cross above all windows, doors, beds, and mirrors. Say it’s sealed in Jesus name. Say even the soil to be blessed all curses canceled. Along with the sage. Easy peasy. 😎
    Don’t feed into fear and that junk leaves in no time. Palo Santo is good too.
    That would be a fun video! 👻👻👻

  4. Sage will NOT get rid of demon spirits . Since humans cannot stick around here after death ( they go up or down as the case may be) , they are unclean spirits . Only the Name of Jesus Christ can be used against them . Also , burning sage is considered witchcraft by God , and sinning will make your problem worse. Trust me I know what I am saying. Do not risk playing with these entities. If I may suggest one thing , that you read the book of John . Seek the face of the Lord . These things will destroy your life . I am praying for you. ❤❤❤

  5. I recommend not doing anything about the ghost stuff besides sage. If you arent being harmed , you could potentially do something wrong or worse and end up in a much worse situation. Or you can move 🤣

  6. Amazing tattoo! I have a good friend that is a paranormal investigator,if you would like her to check out your ghosts. She is legit and has done lots of investigations,all over…in case you are interested.

  7. Has it always been haunted or has it just started we had a little boy at the house I raised the girls in and if he did things that freaked us out we would just tell him and it would quit so talk to it when it really freaks you out and ask it not to you can also sage and tell it it needs to go on but we liked our ghost

  8. when i started my half sleeve about a year ago my artist used saniderm and i had no reaction. went back two months later to work on it some more and had a awful one! full blusters and burns on my skin. just went back last month to finish it and he doesn’t like using it anymore as well due to weird reactions!

  9. Regarding your house Tyler. Firstly its not a demon, its a mischievious spirit who is playing for attention.
    So sage your house and also try saying "God bless you but please leave my home".
    Next if you have a room it happens in more often, ( if not any room). Light a candle and hold it then say "God bless you. Go to the light it is time for you to cross over ".
    If this does no work please get in touch here/instagram/facebook and i will help. I am a medium with my gift being natural. I see and talk to spirit's. Either or both of what i suggest above have always worked for people even long distance before. Jacqui (Jax) UK

  10. As a medium (NOT PSYCHIC MEDIUM), I can give you some ideas. I'm not going to explain it here because I have a few questions. But yeah, I mean…sage is good if you know what to do with it and it won't fix much. It's a bit more "complicated" than that.

  11. That's a Beautiful Jelly Fish Tattoo. Why don't you guys video the ghosts in your house that would be cool to see. Luv u guys and ur videos

  12. Please make a video of your hauntings 😂. Honestly if you’re buying sage, get it locally from a trusted source that’s been blessed. When things happen around me I just tell them to go away… or… like if they make noise I tell them they can stay but they need to not make it known and that they aren’t welcome if they don’t mean well.

  13. I love maverick tattoo mercantile. It’s very nice you get a actual hand written card and gifts with each order. Best carts I have found out there.

  14. Buy some static cameras and put them in all areas at night and record it so we can see 🇦🇺🙏🏻🥰🇦🇺🙏🏻🥰🇦🇺🙏🏻🥰

  15. When saging, you should concentrate on doors, windows, and mirrors, as well as particular problem areas/rooms. It helps to chant or pray.

  16. Bro your by far my fav YouTuber ever. Just your energy and how real you are. Cant wait to drive down and get a tat and just talk. Glad your back! congrats on the big news daddy😮‍💨