Steve Butcher Hyper Realistic Tattoo Artist – The Creatives

Steve Butcher is well known as one of the best Tattoo Artists in the world. Born in New Zealand, Steve Butcher has honed is craft as a tattoo artist and has developed a deep specialization in Hyper Realistic tattoos.

Blackdrop presents the first episode of the new The Creatives series which explores creative artists at the top of their profession and seeks to understand their creative process what drives and inspires them to create their next masterpiece.

In this episode, we Interview Steve Butcher from Steve Butcher Tattoos who discussions his journey in the Tattoo Industry.

For more information about Steve Butcher – you can visit his website

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Filmed on Canon 5D Mark 3 & iPhone X with a DJI Osmo
Music provided by Nnyl Wolf

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  1. I know its "taboo" to ask but what whould be the general price range for a tattoo of this nature (not trying to put a price on art just need to know)