Sflower tattoo done by © Abi Kishibe Tattoos.

Sflower tattoo done by © Abi Kishibe Tattoos.

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  1. Well done for sure, though it’s not my cup of tea. If you like it, that’s great.

    Be aware that pieces like this with fine line work ultimately do not last, I would hope your tattoo artist would have made you aware of this.

    Edit: apparently this account just reposts fucking tattoos. This tattoo doesn’t belong to OP. So this is fucking stupid all around.

  2. Beautifully done. Those lines tho don’t see lasting ( from Experience of having simmilar line work on one of my tattoos lines disappeared in time)

    As an artwork it’s stunning. I wouldn’t get something like this on myself though

  3. I wanna know what the sub criteria is in any real way. This will look like ass in a very short amount of time as it relates to Tattooing. Beyond that it’s kinda ok? The technicals leave a good bit to be desired and yet it’s pit forward as best