Secrets That Tattoo Artists Don't Want You To Know

Tattoo artists answer our most curious questions.


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Portrait Of Paul Booth
Lawrence Schiller/Getty Images
Doodle kawaii cute cartoon characters. Black and white tattoo coloring
Anna Logunova/Getty Images
Detail of a tattooist tattooing on a forearm during on…
Stefano Guidi/Getty Images
Tattoo artist who draws on a man’s back during on Italian…
Stefano Guidi/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Woman With Cat Tattoo On Arm Against Black Background
Udo Mallmann / EyeEm/Getty Images
OLI SCARFF/Getty Images
Tattoo on Back of Man Holding Bar
William Whitehurst/Getty Images
Thai Owner Of Mothballed Steelworks Goes Into Liquidation As Government Announces £80million Support Package
Ian Forsyth/Getty Images
Tattoo on Arm
Spanic/Getty Images
New Mexico Scenics
Robert Alexander/Getty Images
A woman holds her cat on August 6, 2011
AFP/Getty Images
Carlton Blues Training Session
Scott Barbour/Getty Images
Kelly Tattoo
Kelly Castro/Getty Images

Blue Tattoo Light Sign on a Window From a Barbershop and Tattoo Studio
Kanel Bulle/Getty Images
Blue Tattoo Light Sign and a QR Code that Says Scan Me on a Window
Kanel Bulle/Getty Images
Tattoo master making tattoo on customer’s back
Kanoke_46/Getty Images
Getting Tattooed
SolStock/Getty Images
Tattoo artist applies colour on person back with needles
babushka_p90/Getty Images
Professional tattooist fills magnum needle with black ink
babushka_p90/Getty Images

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  1. Artist need to understand that when they'll put something permanent on someone's skin they need to be tolerant and feeling resistant when it comes to their canvases. They will get judged and if someone does not like their work they will go home and sleep but the canvas will have that piece of him forever, do not be upset for your mistakes, you're getting paid hundreds even thousands of dollars for someone's tattoo. So do your work the way it is suppose to be done.

  2. Got an awesome tattoo artist, great prices for me personally while also doing the best designs i've seen! Had 4 tattoo artists prior and they were not very good compared to this guy. Got a new tattoo machine too which made a huge difference to me pain wise, only really feel on inner skin with 0 feeling when tattooing outer skin 🙂

  3. Buzzfeed is straight up trash lol. The content of this video has absolutely nothing to do with the title, other than the fact there is tattoo artists in the vid….

  4. Concussion I’ve heard 2 tattoo artist say that when tattooing the head.that concussions happen when you get your head tattooed.guess I’ll find out.

  5. I have my ribs, chest/sternum, butt, feet quite a few of the “most painful places”….. The absolute worst for me was anywhere that touches the muscles/nerves connected to my armpit. I have a full sleeve and still have yet to do my inner bicep closest to my armpit I hate it so much

  6. This is the type of stuff that make me say "I wish a mf would" fu** up my body because their mad or in their feelings when they are suppose to be a professional. Tattoo artist cry worst than the clients, notice "clients", not "canvass" like some of these weirdos say. Most of these artist sounds like little a** kids if you are an Adult. They are suppose to be professionals which separates them from the rest…so its not just about ink, its your personality, the way you carry yourself, your professionalism, etc…stop giving some of these kids y'all hard working money to f*** y'all skin up!

  7. So much fun! I met you Paul at a few shows. I’m one of Keely Tacketts canvases. I’m the freak she had that never really felt pain, it’s all therapy. Love your work by the way!

  8. Tattoo artists are so stuck up and arrogant. Bro shut up and do what I say. I’m paying you for something that is going on my body forever. Just like a haircut or make up or any other trade you can based your opinion as an artist but you have no say.