Sea Salt Men's Hairstyle Guide – Beach Hair | Eric Bandholz

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Sometimes you want to look like you’ve been hanging out on the beach all day and have that dry gritty hair from swimming in the ocean. I like to call this the beach bum hair style, sea salt hair, or wavy hair. It’s a pretty easy process to get this look. All you’ll need is a hair dryer, sea salt, and some styling product. For this I’m using Hanz de Fuko Quicksand which gives a very gritty beach like texture.

I like to apply the products to the hair while it’s still wet then use the scrunching technique and a hair dryer with a diffuser to get the wavy look. I personally like using a high end hair dryer because it will be able to dry my hair quicker with less heat.


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  1. Any style tips for longer hair in the corporate world? My hair is a little longer than yours and Im struggling to keep it “work appropriate “.

  2. Hi my hair is already damaged been that way for a while don’t know what happened well the beard brand sea salt spray I just boughtHelp how I would say it bring my hair back to life?

  3. Beardbrand lumber yard scent salt spray is the best smelling thing I have every sprayed on any part of myself–hair OR body. (And yes, I'm a woman.)

  4. This is so cute! I love how wholesome this video it 🥰
    My husband and my son have been growing their hair out & this video was PERFECT in giving us a couple new ideas and techniques to try, Thank you 😊 God Bless

  5. Now that my hair is longer than ever due to covid – which I like! – I've been looking into sea salt sprays to style it well. You can't argue with the effect and I'm glad Beard Brand doesn't use alcohol, but I'm concerned about magnesium sulfate (aka, Epsom salts) as the second ingredient. From what I've researched, the longer-term byproduct of magnesium sulfate can be very drying, giving hair a more straw-like nature. This is because it roughs up the cuticles, which damages hair with repeated use. It's also alkaline, and can swell the hair shaft, making hair drier and brittle. I worry that I'll look great after styling, but the quality of my hair will go downhill over time. Maybe there's something I'm missing, or this is mostly meant for occasional use….I'd really appreciate your perspective on magnesium sulfate prior to making a purchase. Thanks so much!