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In todays video I talk about what safe place tattoo studios are and where you can find some !!

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  1. I've been tattooed in a bunch of places, some pretty old school and/or crummy. I just went with it and made the most of the experience. But now I've found Underground in Stevenage (Hertfordshire, England) I don't want to go anywhere else. It's extremely professional, very kind and empowering people and just an easy and fun environment, plus the artists are fantastic.

    Being autistic I can have a tough time socializing which is important when you're sitting for hours with a person, not to mention the added stress of being tattooed, but it's a non-issue there. I don't think they even realise what a good job they do on that front. Highly recommend if you're in the area.

  2. Thank you for this video! I think it’s hard for young women to get tattooed sometimes because the amount of male tattooers in studios can be intimidating. It was definitely intimidating for me as I felt I couldn’t speak up when I needed something x

  3. Tender Heart Tattoo In Norfolk Va USA is a Queer owned shop. I have only had personal experience with their piercer who was amazing with my nonbianary teenager getting their ears pierced and changing my septum jewelry. The shop is a kind and welcoming place.

  4. I went today to get a tattoo with a different artist. Let me just say I will never go to that artist or shop ever again. I got my inner lip tattoo and he grabbed me and pulled me closer to him with out even giving me a heads up and someone who been though things I do not being like touch without my knowledge or consent. You could tell I was not comfortable with it and he rolled his eyes at me and said you are getting a tattoo I have to touch you. Also he was a real jerk about what I wanted to get. This is my third tattoo and my first two have been amazing. I feel that as a tattoo Artist you should and try to make the client feel comfortable as much as possible.

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  6. You should turn this in a small series! In each episode you could suggest different safe studios located in a different country! I would love it for sure!❤️
    I come from Milan, Italy, and I suggest you Sopra Le Righe Tattoo located in Milan. You can choose between different artists who provide tattoos, piercings and permanent make up. Rita, the owner, is a woman, a member of the LGBTQAI+ Community and a feminist, she tattooed a friend of mine and I’m looking forward to get a piece from her too! One thing I really love is they always do a Pride walk-in weekend in June, all the artists draw a ton of special price flashes you can choose from! It might not be as fancy as the other studios you talked about but everyone is nice and welcoming and you can really feel safe and accepted here, which in Italy could be hard

  7. Being a safe space and accepting tattoo artist just makes business SENSE. If you make your client comfortable and happy, they COME BACK, rather than turning them off tattoos and the process for life. Repeat business, opening up to more clients is the way forward for the industry.

  8. I've been to Pastel Palace twice now as it's local enough to be within walking distance of me 😂 they're absolutely delightful. If I didn't have a sleeve to finish elsewhere I don't think I would go anywhere else for tattoos and piercings. They're amazing.
    Honestly the only issue with the studio is that there is no parking nearby, so that's something to take into account if you want to visit.

  9. I love the name Black Sheep Tattoo. It took me a second but then it came to me. The odd or different person in a family is always called the black sheep of the family. If you don’t think the same or live an alternate lifestyle or for whatever reason if you’re different than the majority of your family you are considered the black sheep. This makes me think that this tattoo studio would be accepting of everyone and anyone who is different. How special is that? I have a great tattoo artist but if I didn’t I would definitely look for shops like these. I’ve had five major abdominal surgeries which have left me with an ileostomy ( similar to a colostomy) and I would definitely be a bit intimidated if I wanted a tattoo on my abdomen as it would feel very awkward. Even when I’ve had to go for ultrasounds I always tell the person upfront so as not to shock them. I know this is a little TMI but I don’t mind sharing and actually am very confident considering. Lauren thanks for sharing with us.🥰

  10. I love my tattoos and don't mind the traditional shops, but I would 100% go to a Safe Studio to support their cause instead of the regular tattoo parlors in my area. Not everyone can handle the intensity of a tattoo all at once, if it's mental, physical, psychological, etc everyone has a different comfort level

  11. I think it's cool beause tattoo/piercing shops still have some bad rep amongst people who are not familiar with it.Hopefully it will help change minds.
    I'm thinking people getting pierced, or getting their children pierced at a jewelry shop rather than with a proper piercer because they think tattoo studios are scary and not safe.

  12. I like the freee space tattoo spots. They should exist. But lets be honest I would not be allowed into one of those tattoo shops. I'm not a sexist, racist or transphobic people just think I am because of how I look I guess? Thought we dont do that anymore.

  13. My friend who does all my tattoos works somewhere that applies for this.

    He works in Vaporwave in the Cambridge Heath area of London. The artists are all woman/lgbt I don't know about the other artists but Gabriel my friend uses all vegan based inks and they're all super friendly and it's all on the ground floor so pretty sure it's accessible for everyone 🥰