Running with the Devil Brazilian tattoo artist modifies body into Satan lookalike

Michel Faro Prado, a tattoo artist in Sao Paulo, Brazil, has completely transformed his body into a “devil lookalike.” With most of his body covered in tattoos, has fangs and horns added to his body, with one of his ring fingers removed to mimic a claw-like hand.

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  1. What you wear or what you do to yourself, you become. He says he’s a good man. Thank Goodness. But Satan himself may welcome him to Hell. I certainly hope not.

  2. After watching this,I want to modify my face and skin tone to look like a white man!I wish If a technology is invented in future by which people can change their race and ethnicity.

  3. Everyone on this earth has a right to do whatever they want with themselves. I wonder when he dies, will he be given a church funeral or by a Satanist?

  4. And what if I meet something like this in darker corner and get scared and kill it immediately? will I go into prison? I killed a monster,not a human…As I suppose..

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