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Now that you’ve got an awesome, brand new tattoo, what comes next? Taking good care of it.

You might be surprised to know that aftercare is arguably one of the most important parts of getting a tattoo: it’s essential not only for keeping your tattoo looking fabulous, but also for your overall health.
For that reason, we’ve gathered our team of tattoo artists and created a complete tattoo aftercare routine, that covers from the beginning to the end of the tattoo aftercare process.

Follow this professional aftercare step-by-step guide and tips, and you’ll be healed and showing off your fresh ink in no time.

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00:00 – Intro
00:22 – Tattoo Aftercare Basics
01:05 – Tips Before Getting Tattooed
01:49 – Right After Getting Tattooed
03:30 – Starting The Healing Process
04:10 – Long Term Tattoo Aftercare


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  1. hey, just got a tattoo about 3 days ago. My artist said to wash with a fragrance free hand soap and put ointment twice a day. Then he said after those 3-4 days to stop using the ointment and switch to a fragrance free lotion and keep washing 2 times a day until it’s healed. Is this good advice ?

  2. Hi(: I just got a new tattoo yesterday & a touch up bc I didn’t heal it well, the ink had fallen out and faded. I’m now paranoid haha. It’s a half sleeve and up to my elbow. Accidentally while I was wrapping it up before bed I got tape on it. I took it off as soft as I can but otherwise I’ve been good. Washing it, moisturizing it lightly etc. but I’m very scared what happened last time will happen again. The film tends to come off at night at the ends despite me being very careful with how I sleep and I’m worried that’ll effect it as well. I’m worried the tape accident already fucked it up. Any advice?

  3. Hey, I got a tattoo and it was wrapped with normal cling film. What should I do after I take it off after the 3/4 hours after the tattoo, as I don’t have any of the tattoo film that you mentioned?

  4. lol I know a lot of people who got drunk or were on drugs then get a tattoo and didn't even did aftercare and turn out alright, even used a dirty rag to wipe off blood while tattooing

  5. Hey man i just got a new tatto like 2 days and the tattoo artist just told me to aply a cream called Bepanthen Plus on it for 7 days every 2 hours aply a bit is it a good method ?
    I was worried because he didn’t even put anything on it

  6. And here my tattoo artist just said to wash it gently in the shower and keep it moisturised with vitamin E cream. I haven't been doing enough 🤣

  7. I have just tried a aftercare called FADE THE ITCH- Amazing you only need to use clingfilm for a couple of hours. The product totally stopped the itching and didnt stick to my clothing

  8. I just got my first tattoo and got a wrap not plastic and they told me to wear it for 3 days, then wash it once it the day comes, but then also mentioned if the wrap seems not to get loose then to keep it for 5 days should I continue this?

  9. I have a side hand tattoo and I’m on day 6 of the healing process. It’s starting to peel. Is the ink meant to be slightly faded on the skin? Thought it would be darker

  10. Hi guys, I’ve had my first session for my new tattoo for about 4 weeks now (chest to three quarter sleeve) and I have been bang on my after care but I’ve noticed a fair bit of fading in a few areas and healing hasn’t been the best. I’m going to need a touch up during my next session but nervous how the artist will react thinking that I didn’t take care of it which I have is this normal would love your advice as I can’t find this anywhere. Thanks again!

  11. Hey Jacob, I have two words tatted at the back of my elbow. I was sick for a few days and couldn't take care of the tattoo too much and now the peeling has started. I have just 2 small words " Be kind" so I hope I don't have to worry much about taking less care about it earlier.

  12. I usually take the cling wrap off right after i get home, wash it gently, pat dry with clean paper towels, (twice a day) and add my tattoo balm, and keep doing that till the swelling goes down and it’s now so raw, after about 2 or 3 days after i wash i let it air dry for about 30, mins then i add my balm so that way the tattoo has time to breathe and start to go through the “crusty” stage while i let it air dry, and then again like i said, still adding balm until it’s mostly all healed on top then i add my unscented, sensitive skin lotion on it to keep it from scabbing and only just peeling like it should

  13. ask him what snacks he likes? do you know how much i pay him? 😂 tattoo artists think they have you in the palm of their hands 😂 if i don't like the work,you're gone,it's as simple as that. use Bepanthen,artists around the world are fighting against it because it takes away from the opportunity of selling you these "tattoo creams"

  14. Thanks for my first tattoo! I got a small ankle tattoo and it’s been 2 weeks. When can I start to do yoga again? Because it may rub the tattoo on the floor.

  15. Hey can anyone give me some tips about what to expect for getting a tattoo? I mean I know it's going to hurt, I know I’m going to be nervous but can you tell what else to expect please?