Pro Create for Tattoo Artists – basics

Basics of Pro Create for Tattoo Artists

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How to make stamp brush (pearl situation):

I Pad Pro with apple pencil is a great tool for tattoo work and can make creation of any tattoo design a lot easier and less time consuming. This is a little tutorial covering very basics of Pro Create app for those tattooists who are just starting or considering to get one. Quick explanation of how things work and how it could link to basics of design work.

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  1. Thank youu for that Video!! I am using procreate for 2 weeks now, i found most of the stuff out on my own, but your Video makes everything much easier, i wish i would have found ist earlier

  2. Hi! My boyfriend has an iPad, but it froze out of nowhere with the apple on the screen. He uses procreate as well for his tattoos. Is there any way to do it on a chromebook pro?

  3. Can you Test the "Tattapp" in the iPad Pro? What you mean as Professional Artist about the App? Can thus App Help learning dir Shading?

  4. Great video. Very cool tricks I never knew. Saving me lots of time now. The double and triple finger tap Whoa! Super helpful. QUESTION;Which case is the one your using?

  5. DISGUSTING!!!! So sad this is where the industry is at. You literally only have to have minimal drawing skill. Just download this shit and your f*ing picasso. For me personally the biggest negative take away, how the heck does one get into the groove when they’re constantly having to change diff. Filters and files and whatnot. Idk, maybe im the only one but, it angers me that you absolutely have to be tech savvy these days or you just cant hang…..

  6. So cool! I’ve had my iPad for 2 years and got Procreate as my first app because that’s what I wanted the iPad for. DRAWING!!! I love some of these tips, I didn’t know about the straight line and shapes, this is gonna help so much thanks! Or the alpha lock to only draw on that layer section. Super!