People Get Mystery Tattoos From Famous Artist

Would you ever stick an appendage in a glory hole?

Check out Elliott’s comedy special “Premature” on Vimeo, December 10th.


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    මගේ ආච්චි ඉඳගෙන සිටියදී මම මගේ කට්ටල බෑගය පරීක්ෂා කර බැලුවෙමි (මගේ කුප්පි වලට බාධා ඇති වී තිබේමම හ led ා වැලපුණෙමි නියමයිඅපි ඔවුන්ගේ බූරුවන්ට නඩු පවරමුයොලන්ඩා පවසා ඇත්තේ මෝටර් රථය පියාසර කරමින් තවත් පැහැදිලිවම වික්‍රමාන්විත අභිබවා යන උපාමාරුවකට)

  2. As a tattoo artist I hate this video cus this video sucks these Standard issue people talking about tattoos no you all are trash aww you tattooed famous people so please tattoo me it’s just a get what you get machine at a grander thing but there is things that artist draw that people don’t come looking for because they see stuff online that they want to steal but nobody wants nice things in less they see them on other people

  3. it's awfully strange they say that people with tattoos are more prone to homosexuality I look at this younger generation I'll look at the g*********and isn't this what the drill sergeant always told us about at least his wife doesn't have those repulsive graffiti tattoos on her and furthermore there's no such thing as a tattoo artist he is just an inkslinger with mental problems you look like a bunch of ex-cons fresh out of prison or lesbians fresh out of the mental institution you people have got real problems I hope the generation that comes up behind you has some class about them because you have got to be the trashiest human beings ever lived but then you had a trashy president like Obama so it only stands to reason about sticking your parts and gloryholes to get did any of you retards everything instead of rebelling with tattoos to get a t-shirt t-shirt is a lot cheaper & when he gets old faded and wrinkly you can give it to Goodwill and maybe a homeless person can use it afterwards those nasty looking tattoos Goodwill Nora hobo ever want them get that crap lasered off while you still can and get a job a real job Trump's in office now begging people to work get with the program a bunch of snowflakes