Oldest Tattoo shop in America, Outer Limits Tattoo embodies the authentic old school tattoo spirit.

Tour Outer Limits tattoo with Jen the amazing apprentice!

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  1. It's great to see a young person who's not only interested in honing her craft but also interested in learning about the history. It would be a great honour to be tattooed by someone with this kind of knowledge

  2. They used to use.. tannic acid hydrogen peroxide caustic pencil what the mix TA together with HP.. use Caustic pencil.. to neutralise wound.. I know this because my boss used to make me go down the chemist and buy the ingredients.. he used to tell me to keep a secret.. John Nash Brisbane Australia… circa 1982 of course there's better methods today.. and that is old school way of getting rid of tattoos… he would tattoo little Circle areas let that heal up and then tattoo in between.. eventually would get rid of the tattoo.. all depends on who did the tattoo how big it was.. etcetera etcetera.. it was good of getting rid of.. boob tattoos which is a slang term for homemade tattoos. Scratches. Dan Robinson used to use to technique I had a contract with the prisons in Victoria…

  3. What a treat it was to listen to this young woman talking about something she is so passionate about..what a wonderful thing to have .