NYC Tattoo Artists You Should Go To

Hey Guys!!

In todays video I talk about a bunch of hella talented and creative tattoo artists that work in NYC an surrounding area!!


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Strangers by Le Gang
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  1. I love the lion king too as well just brings so much memories from my childhood with my grandfather. It was he favorite as well and holds a special place in my heart and my favorite Disney princess is Mulan and I want both of them tattooed on me so bad.

  2. Take a look into "Michael angelo perfetto" he us a bensonhurst Brooklyn tattoo artist who has done work on celebraties,people from all 5 boroughs & all across the world &all walks if life.. His free hand is amazing as well, & He's been doing this for over 40 years.. You will be blown away by his work if you haven't looked into him already.. Ciao..

  3. So…I've came to this video after watching the one about bang bang and the impermanence of fine lines tattoos. I personally love the aesthetic of fine line (and was kinda bummed after), but what I understood from this video is that fine line is alright as long as it is bigger. Have I understood that correctly? 😀 Thanks for the amazing education! <3

  4. i havent had any word done by these artist but definitely worth checking out @zhimpamoreno @mcarrotattoo @alexx_noirrr @kbtattoo @joshpaynetattoo all in new york. i know how hard it is to find a quality tattoo artist cause ive been looking for a while, so those are some solid choices

  5. You should check out Black Veil Tattoo in Salem, MA and Underworld Tattoo in Salem, NH. Tyler Malek at Underworld is pretty much world renowned for his use of color and galaxy tattoos. And the twin brothers that own Black Veil are insanely talented at creepy, spooky black work tattoos. There are amazing artists outside big cities like NYC.

  6. idk if you've already done this but id love to see you make a video of recommended artists for dark skinned people. i realize thats very specific but my friends and i have so much trouble finding people that will tattoo dark skin and in the styles we want itd be nice to hear some recommendations from you!!

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I’m from New York and been thinking about the style I’ve wanted and realized I want neo-traditional tattoo and traditional and was doing my research and remembered you posted this! Also loved that you included some people that I was already thinking of going to I got excited like yasss that’s why I wanted to go with them!