Nobody Tattoo Parlor Scene

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  1. I like how hutches voice becomes deeper and gravely when he makes the transition from your average working man to an ex special forces assassin.

  2. Hutch Mansell is a guy who used to work for the government for the people who were too hard to arrest, so he was the worst person to deal with because his mindset and skills were too good, even the tattoo on his hand mean he is the worst person to deal with

  3. I went to go see Godzila vs Kong thinking it was gonna be a 10 movie…I gave it a 3

    I went and saw this movie thinking it was gonna be just another action flick…it ended up being one of my top 5 favorite movies!! Gave it a solid 10!!!!

  4. The fact that the vet knew what sort of blacker than black spec ops unit was affiliated with that 2-7 tattoo also implies that he's no ordinary veteran either. And still he's scared shitless.

  5. The old vets is the first one to spot a Bullshitter but also the first one to see the tattoo and what it means. I want a movie on that guy, he’s sharp.

  6. That vet was an old man in a profession where men die young. Yet even he said nah, I'm out. Also I love the way his eyes go from murky and listless at first to crystal clear when he saw the tattoo.

  7. I love how when the old timer noped out, the others immediately picked up there was something wrong and backed down.
    That's insight you don't usually see in these types of characters.

  8. I really think that for the whole time he is hallucinating. He is a frustrated average man who dreams of being a badass who everyone fears and respects, who successfully protect his family against a whole Russian death squad, who buys the place he works for, even hits his boss' son. The surrealistic way this tale is told, with his old man killing gangsters like he was playing bingo, I was actually expecting at the end of the movie to see him waking up.

  9. Traps set throughout the movie along with the analogical standpoint of using poker card-deals to mark the military elite units, Hutch probably came from:

    2nd Battalion, 7th Group. US Army Special Forces.

  10. I wonder if that "fuck" after 6:20 was because he was really hoping he could be his former self again by beating the shit out of these two people until he heard the baby and was like "fuck, guess I'll have to find some other people I can fuck up"

  11. Yeah, but did anyone ever catch that the old man had one, too? Hutch's Dad has the same tattoo 7 2 off suit on his left wrist. You see it when he is turning the TV down after he shoots the would be hit men. You're welcome lol

  12. A few things I believe I noticed while watching this movie:

    Hutch's father David Mansell commonly acts old, decrepit, and delirious in a lot of the scenes he appears in to draw sympathy and force overconfidence in those around him. So the first time we're introduced to him, he's an extremely old man who can barely remember eating, rotting in front of a loud TV playing old cowboy westerns. The next time, we see a greater break in this façade when Hutch tries to get some thing from David's closet to find that Hello Kitty bracelet. David goes from a sleeping old man oblivious to the world, to standing with a fresh cup of coffee and an alert demeanor watching Hutch with a bit of an amused look on his face. The third time we see this playing out is when the two assassins from the Russian mob come with the sole intention of killing David. He knows they're going to have to make a positive ID on him before they'll pull the trigger, so he lies in wait, crafting the environment to lure them exactly where he wants them to be before swiftly dispatching both of them in a flash.

    He's using his father's FBI badge, so his father was part of the FBI which is where David learned most of his craft and likely passed it down to Hutch and Harry. I want to say that the jacket Hutch puts on is because he wants to dress more like his father so that anyone looking at that badge will miss the smaller details like the expiration date and the face on the badge. This scene also starts with Hutch already dressed in his everyday clothes, so it can be seen as him sort of shedding the outfit he wears in camouflage into something that's a bit more familiar to him in his line of work.

    We also get to see a sneak peak of Harry here, although it's in a flash so if anyone is watching this for the first time it'll be a detail they definitely miss.

    I think the whole purpose of the bus scenes is to display something of a determined expression on Hutch's face, where nothing else in the world seems to really exist. Those who take note of him will be able to pick up on this aura, although it's not something that anyone who isn't paying special attention will notice.

    Lastly, I'd say he's visibly rusty in the beginning parts of the movie. This scene sort of shows that fact off as he gets caught by the veteran with the knife and the apple. As the movie goes on, his experience slowly begins bubble up culminating in the Obshak scene where he basically wipes out the entire russian mob trying to defend it. I think that's a better viewing of his feats than the gunfight between him and the mafia antagonist of the movie because I'd say he's clearly caught off guard during that portion of the film and is winging a good chunk of that fight up until he gets inside the warehouse.