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  1. Congratulations on the baby but please DO NOT get rid of your cats! I am a mother of 5. My children are raised with both our cats and dogs. Your girlfriend should not clean the litter while pregnant, that is the only issue. Our cats learned to live with babies and toddlers. None of my kids have allergies either. I truly believe it was their immune systems just being used to animal dander. They will all be fine and no danger to your child.

  2. So you work and live with deadly snakes but the cats are the ones you are thinking of rehoming???? Just make sure those boxes are cleaned not by your gf each day and everything will be fine . If your cats are dirty have them cleaned if you don’t feel you can safely do so yourself . Many MANY babies have grown up around cats and have been just fine . Don’t get the first time parent panic when it comes to your four legged companions . Just relax and enjoy the ride it will all be ok. Congrats on the new baby

  3. Everyone I know in my family going back generations have been preggers around cats. It's a new phenomenon to be so over cautious around animals. The more the child/ adult is exposed to the elements of its environment the hardier the immune system. The house is small though for 2 adults.3 dogs and 4 cats..and then a baby.(apart from the reptiles) If you move it will be easier.Gianna not handling the kitty litter is basically the thing. And not eating certain foods if you want to go the whole hog in covering all angles 😊. We are over sanitising ourselves to oblivion with the amount of precautions taken. Kids are now full of asthma, allergies and behavioural issues from this artificial world around us.

  4. Bro, long time follower, just wanna say congrats on the baby…. But I'm still waiting for u to make their enclosure bigger, u said last year you were getting another add on to their cage….

  5. Hey Tyler, first up, don’t panic about the cats as that is a bit of a myth🤓 I’m not saying cat poo isn’t dangerous, but hear me out. I say this from experience as my brother almost died from toxoplasmosis when he was 2 so I know all about it (he caught it from playing in the garden. He used to pick flowers for my mum).

    Firstly, the parasite that cats harbour is picked up from eating small animals like birds and mice. As your cats don’t go outside this would rule that risk out. Another source is raw meat so if they eat that, they potentially could pick it up that way, but again it’s very slim and Gianna could also pick it up from handing that raw meat or eating infected or undercooked meat that is meant for human consumption. Even if the cats had the parasite under those slim circumstances, to contract the parasite, Gianna must ingest it so that means once she has cleaned out the cat litter trays, she’d have to touch her mouth which I hardly think she would do. Two ways to solve that: don’t let her do the trays or make sure she wears disposable gloves and washes her hands afterwards. Medical research that I checked for you this evening does not say you have to give up your cats, it does say give someone else the job of litter duty and it says if she must handle raw meat she should wear disposable gloves or wash her hands immediately after she’s finished. Hope that helps.

    Love the new home for Drogo and Khalesi!! xx

  6. Bro I wouldn’t even trust you pulling out a pizza LOL jk jk that’s awesome I remember finding you before u released the cobra bite video! From someone in Ottawa we never get these type of animals so I love watching ur vids congrats homie

  7. I understand wanting to be safe for your girl and baby, but the risk is so low with cats that if you take care of the litter box, you'll have no problems. I'll lose all respect if this is why you get rid of the cats. The salmonella from the reptiles are just as high of a concern as the parasite from the cats. Which is to say, it really isn't that much of a concern. But at the end of the day, you're the one who is living your life.