New Chest Piece, by Jay at Bluebird Tattoo

New Chest Piece, by Jay at Bluebird Tattoo

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  1. A little to much dark for my taste. And unsure where his spear is really going in context with her and his tail ( spearhead has the same texture?). Tattoos are wild. People have such different taste.

  2. Yeah for sure. My concept of a drawing is probably much different than yours. Yeah I’m glad you took it thay way- no disrespect at all. Just difference of opinion which shouldn’t matter to you as I’m just someone on reddit giving you opinionated feedback! My tattos are were done darker for the same reason. Just a different style than yours and that’s perfectly fine!

  3. Yeah… I mean I have my whole sleeve done with realism so this type of tattoo doesn’t really impress me. Just my opinion. Doesn’t mean it’s wrong but kind of off kilter line work and wonky face shapes/ way to much black for a black/ Grey tattoo.

    Also it’s not about ” looking dark off the chair”. All my tattoos looked way darker when I just finished them. What I was referring to was a blending concept. Way to much dark compared to light.

    Also just looking at her right hand reaching up.. look at where that shoulder would be. Super out of place to where her arm would actually reach up.

    Again, I’m not trying to be rude. I’m just giving you feedback from someone who has a lot of tattoos, because you posted your picture on reddit.