Nazi symbol found in Tattoo Shop

An Ybor City tattoo shop is defending itself this morning after getting some backlash on social media over a post that went viral showing Nazi symbols at “atomic tattoos.”

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  1. Swastikas go back to over 5000 years of indo European use. Ya'll are fucking psycho for going after a local business that has art you find scary. Leave them the fuck alone and piss off if you don't like it. No one was forced to go to this shop, let them be. FFS.

  2. Meanwhile- citizens of the United States of America live in INGNORANCE and unaware of the fact that the very symbol in question, which was abused by Nazi Germany, adorned the uniforms of US Armed forces…
    That is like refusing to buy or drive a Benz because it is German but will drive a Ford despite old Henry supplying his vehicles to the same Nazi forces ahead of December 7th 1941…
    Do not let signs and symbols fool you about the hearts and minds of mankind…

  3. Why is everyone in the comment section acting dumb? Everyone knows what a swastika represents to everyone today, nazis and racism.
    A cross used to represent crime and punishment but now it represnts jesus, these idiots in the comments acting like they don't understand context. There are tons of racist tattoo shops, in my hometown people can tell you which ones they are, if you display a swastika in a tatto shop in america 100 percent that shop is racist.