My Favorite Tattoo Artists || Top 5 Best Realistic Tattoo Artists

Those a my 5 Absolute FAVORITE Realistic Tattoo Artist 💥💥.

I wanted to share this with you to tell you how important is for everyone to have such a list and inspirations.

Best way to get in touch with some of them is by going on the conventions where you can have even the chance to see how they work at live. You can also feel the atmosphere to be part of such an event and being part of the tattoo artist industry. Guest spots are also great place to work with many great artists.
And the easiest and actually the most effective way to meet with some of your idols is just to book an appointment by them! If you make it clever and with a lot of respect you will have the chance to have a nice and constructive chat, feeling like a Private Seminar just for you where you will get answers to most of your question and on the end you will get a great tattoo.

Here are the links to the Instagram Accounts to my top 5:

A.D Pancho :
Domantas :
Den Yakovlev :
Denis Sivak :
Samohin :

I would love to hear in a comment some of YOUR Favourite artists!

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  1. I really appreciate your content, I'm a beginner in this world. Even if I love tattoos from a long time ago.
    I recommend you in case you don't know about her already, to take a look on the instagram of @val_tatboo
    To be honest the tattoo artist that I'm 100% sure is my favorite is on instagram @tsoietsoie

  2. I imagined you with with long black hair… Living in a mansion in greece, someone that got tired of writing poetry and started tattooing

  3. Some brilliant pieces, and i will look further into their work…but without sounding arrogant dont you think steven butcher should be in

  4. I just subscribed to your Patreon and I want to say you become a big inspiration for me. I love your work and I love to learn from you.

  5. I followed all of them. You should check out @lukalajoie from mtl doing it nicely for Canada. I've been following him for a while he's one of my inspiration for colour realism.

  6. my favorit tattoo artis Boris Alex de Pase Silviano Fiato is i am corect how i spelit Niko Hurtado Valentina R. Mullner Csaba James and you i whis to see more videos n color realistic work and color mixing and technics of work

  7. Man, I started in the tattoo's world 4 months ago, and I just can say.. you're my motivation in this beautiful art, your works are awesome, and everything you make is a incredible piece of art, I hope one day can to do what you doing, and never stop doing tattoos please, I say sorry for my English, I'm a beginner in the english language, but that doesn't stop me to trying give you thanks for everything you show me in this Art 👏👏👏

  8. Excellent list! I personaly find Pancho at the very top, together with Levgen. I love Panchos designs, one of the rare examples where you can identify the artist just by looking at the work. Simple designs without much detail, just blocks of crazy solid color next to eachother, and the effect is always something to make you go "wow". I wish I could do something similar more often, but even when I try, something in me doesn't let me simplify my work like that and I always end up doing every tiny detail that my eyes see on the refference… Also, thank you for doing all these videos and giving us insight into your proccess and how you do what you do, love your work man!

  9. Nice… parvainis is definitely on my wishlist…also Ivan I admire your work, and have learned a lot from you…greetings from Slovenia…cheers