My Favorite Tattoo Artists in Denver, CO! 🖤

Herrrro! Today, I wanted to share my top 10 (erm…maybe I lost count and there’s 11) favorite tattoo artists located in Denver, CO! 🖤 I tried to make sure I mentioned a variety tattoo artists who specialize in different tattooing styles! I hope this video is helpful for anyone who is looking for some bomb tattooists in the Denver area! This video is inspired by treacle tatts, aka Lauren, here on YouTube! Go check her out especially if you love tattoo related content!

Mentioned Tattoo Artists:
🖤 cruelbloom_ , Tori

🖤 blackity_black_black, Rachel

🖤 clintonleetattoos, Clinton

🖤 chase_tattoos, Chase

🖤 redmagictattoo, Morgan

🖤 earthgrasper, Jonathan

🖤 carlyzehring, Carly

🖤 joshhermantattoo, Josh

🖤 jaycewallingford, Jayce

🖤 utility_tooth, David

🖤 sandicalistro, Sandi

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***All pictures of tattoo artists work comes from their personal Instagram page!
❀ Mermaid by Kevin MacLeod
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  1. this is such a big help. i couldn't believe i found this video. as a colorado native just getting into tattoos i find i have a kind of specific style and wish that there were an artist that i could find who really got my style… until I saw this video !! HEART EYES!!

  2. Thank you for such a wonderful selection to look at and choose from! You seem to have similar likes in tattoo styles I do so I love a lot of these artists and will follow some instagrams for future reference. I've only had one dream tattoo planned but I've been wanting to just get something once I can afford it and I will definitely be coming back to this list when I have the funds. (I've actually been debating getting the spiny orb weaver I mentioned just because of how awesome they look and they are my favorite spider <3 and I love spiders)

    Not only that but if my dream tattoo can't be done by my dream artist because she is in Germany you actually shared an artist who has some work that vaguely reminds me of hers. So if nothing else I will commission her to design the tattoo and maybe find an artist like him who might be able to pull it off closely enough to her style. 🙂