Men's Hairstyle 2019 | Natural Looking Hair That Stays All Day!

This men’s hairstyle looks natural. It will, however, keep in place and stay up all day. Watch the tutorial to see how to create this hairstyle.
See the products I’ve used below.
Could this be the best men’s hairstyle 2019 for you?

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— Pre-styler – Bumble and bumble Tonic Primer Lotion –
UK –

(More shops:

Label Men Grooming Cream –
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum –
Label M Smoothing Cream –

— Styling – Kevin Murphy Rough Rider –

(More shops:

— Fixing – Wella Silvikrin Classic Maximum Hold –
UK –


— Round brush –
UK –

— Hair dryer – Panasonic Nanoe
UK –
— Navy Oxford shirt –
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  1. I watched all your videos since probably a few years ago I really like your stuff but it's been hard for me to find a product that really works for me I've tried a lot of the ones that you recommend and I've tried many many others from Blumaan to all the high-end Brands and more but surprisingly I found a product that just recently works great for the similar Styles you are achieving and other quiff like styles it is the somewhat new phenomenal line by got2b to be it is the molding paste by them. I also usually use the thickening cream by them as a pre Styler before I blow dry to get thicker more natural look I want then Iuse the Argan Oil OGX mousse and blow dry it. Try the invisible hair spray by Tresemme either use the number one or number two it comes in one, two, and three strengths.
    Do a review on the Phenomenal Line and also OGX came out with these great products that work fantastic on fine hair as well aspen paste and bamboo fiber

  2. @ Robin James I have short kinda curly wavy hair and looking for a product with good hold but not to much or no shine. What would you reccomend?

  3. Thanks, man. Great look and some good advice.

    Some questions:
    1. Doesn't the hairspray do all that work alone?
    2. Is it a myth that hairspray damages hair?

    Lastly, I understand the product placement; I trust you and will actually buy and try the products but it's always great when you can suggest some generic alternatives, especially for your international viewers.

  4. Nice natural hairstyle! <3 more of a causal look
    btw Robin, have you tried the morris motley clay cleanser which is a shampoo(new product)
    I wonder if you can compare it with Nioxin no.1 shampoo(I know you're a fan of)

  5. Hey robin ive got fine/thin hair and i wanted to know whether the rough rider is easy to apply or not because i don't like the tugging and the pulling

  6. Another good one!! I feel like my hair is so thin and stubborn and I need to learn from you! Do you have any recommendations for the best thickening shampoos and conditioners? I know you used nioxin and liked it, but was wondering how it compares to bumble bumble or any others you’ve tried or heard of.

  7. this is essentially a superrrrrr messy korean comma hairstyle. ive been rocking it for awhile and if you want more shape, use a straightener to curve that end down and hairspray it.

  8. Robin I need your help ASAP, have you got any recommendations for Barbers/ hair stylists in Edinburgh or Glasgow?need this soon as possible… what was your personal choice to go to for someone unsure about a hair style.

  9. Robin your hair always looks great. Do you think you will try any shorter hairstyles in 2019, maybe like john cena or military fade type.