Looks like a lost some ink. Do I need a touch up?

I got this tattoo like a week ago and it’s my first. I might of took care of it wrong idk but it just looks like it’s patchy in some’s a pic.

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  1. You’re going to have to let it fully heal first either way. I have a lot of black spots that I thought had lost ink as they were healing but turned out to be fine. I’m no expert but my understanding is that as the skin heals the top layer is peeling off and new skin is growing over the layers of ink underneath. It might look uneven as some spots heal faster than others.

    TL;DR this looks totally fine to me and I think it will heal well from my experience

  2. Let it finish healing and if you still notice some spots that need a touch up just contact your tattoo artist and let them know. It does happen, especially on spots that have a lot of movement or will come in rubbing contact with stuff. Any artist I’ve seen will touch them spots up for you no problem.