Looking for some ideas to cover up this horrible tattoo.

Looking for some ideas to cover up this horrible tattoo.

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  1. Find an artist in your area on Instagram, schedule an appointment, have them touch it up and give him a little” 😛 ” shaped tongue, and then save up for another tattoo lol

  2. I actually kind of think he just needs work?

    Have someone add realism. Them reptilian eyes, wrinkles over the hide, claws, etc.

    Lizards are cool and should never be removed

  3. I also like it. A touch up may be the best choice.

    However if you really are looking for a cover up the fact half it is black limits you a little, but I’d recommend a traditional panther. I’m a huge trad/old school fan but that may be the best option

  4. If it was me, I’d just go to someone who does realism, and have it rework it, I like the shape of it, it’s easy to fix. Could even add scratch marks and make it traditional, like those panthers they do 😀

  5. If your hard pressed to get rid of it you might want to Lazer it off a bit first. It would probably take a lot of black and dark coloring to cover it up. But if it was on me, I would look for a good artist to touch it up and build around it. It has a nice 90s beach vibe to it.

  6. I’m also a fan of fun, kinda crappy tattoos. I know everyone else is saying it, but I’ll say it too. It is great!!! I like it. It’s camp, so I would get it touched up.

    It reminds me of that older really terrible and famous Charmander tattoo in a good way. I also think it would be really funny to have a really good photorealistic lizard next to it in the future. I bet it would highlight how cool each of them are.