London Tattoo Artists You Should Go To

Hey Guys!!

In todays video I talk about amazing tattoo artists in London that you should definitely go to !!
London has many amazing talented tattoo artists and It was so hard to narrow it down to a handful!!
Shout out your favourite london based tattoo artists down below!!

Video On L.A Tattoo Artists :


daniqueipo :
keelyglitters :
manni.k :
lukeaashley :
heidifureytattoos :
poppysmallhandstattoo :
rhihusty :
kellyviolence :
teidetattoo :
xamthespaniard :
mikeboydtattoos :
myles_veartattoo :
nick_whybrow :
graceneutral :


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  1. Hey guys! Thanks for being patient and leaving me nice messages and comments when it comes to my absence from youtube. I did put out on Twitter and IG stories (it’s now a highlight on my IG) but in case you didn’t see those I’ll say it here too – I’m taking a break from social media due to personal reasons.
    This video was filmed like 3 weeks ago so it’s nothing new or fresh. Uploads may be a bit sporadic over the next few weeks but will try my best to get back to the regular 3 uploads a week.
    Thanks again. Love to you all 💕

  2. How relevant is this list still? Got my first tat in Camden now I have the bug! Have some intricate stuff I want done so really want someone reputable! Thanks in advance.

  3. I'm on the hunt for a fantasy colour realism tattoo artist to do a leg piece/sleeve of fairies and mythical creatures in/near London. Is there anyone that you would reccomend? Xx

  4. I would love to get a tattoo but I have no idea where to turn… I live in Lyon, France now and I am wondering if you know of any amazing tattoo artists living here in the city or even Paris.

  5. I supremely want a tattoo by keely – I’ve been following her on insta for awhile now 🥰 I just wish I wasn’t so far away! You should do a video on Vancouver, BC – some awesome artists and tattoo shops here.

  6. Myles Vear is an amazing artist, I have 4 pieces by Myles and I love them 😁👍🏻. Myles is one of the nicest blokes you could meet.

  7. I would say your channel Is amazing I’m a fellow tattoo enthusiast but I’m constantly told not to be so harsh or just keep my opinions to myself it’s so wonderful to see someone who has high stability when it comes to tattoos

  8. It would be cool if you did one for Portland. I live in Oregon and follow a lot of artists from Portland on Instagram. There are some crazy talented people there.

  9. I neeeed you to react to da_ink on instagram and I'm going to be annoying and comment it everywhere. They make me want to save up enough to go to Australia just for this person to put ink on me.

  10. I would LOVE if you did Dublin at some stage and I'd recommend agne hurt, her style is so gorgeous shes also so lovely to get tattooed by

  11. I’m studying abroad this fall in a small town near London and I’m planning to get my first tattoo there! I was just about to start my search for artists there, so what a great video to stumble upon!

  12. A suggestion: Berlin !
    Check the shop Der Grimm Tattoo – There r many talented artists: young hearted tattoo, Diamante murru, friedrichuebler… &many great guests !!!!
    Also another shop: Universe studio – where u can find Brody polinsky
    Another artist: Simone Klimmeck

  13. Do you have any recommendations for kanji artists in Manchester? I have some kanji that I want to get done which are from a temple in Japan I visited recently

  14. I love this content so much!! So helpful living in Manchester with London not too far away 💖
    Teide is prenounced like 'tay-day' if you're wondering >< I got tattooed by him and he's incredible!!