LIVE TATTOOING. Reworking my hand tattoo

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I like to remind people that In no way am I a fantastic tattoo artist guys. I just love tattooing but I am still on my journey and want to show you how its done so you can do it and do it better then me!! 🤘
So don’t give up if you want it bad enough its yours for the taking!

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* Ink bed tattoo chair:
* Ink Bed Hydraulic Tattoo chair:
this is not the exact one but this is pretty similar.
The original one I have I cant seem to find.
*Fake Skin:
*TrueSkin Fake Skin (preferred) :
*Solong Tattoo Carts Assorted sizes:
*Solong 11 bugpin Mag:
*Solong 15 Curved bugpin Mag:
*Solong 3 RL bugpin:
*Solong Standard Round Shaders:
*RHEIN needles liners:
*RHEIN needles bugpins:
*Nitrile Gloves by Infi Touch:
*Nitrile Gloves by Adenna:
*CaviCide 1 gallon:
*CaviCide spray:
*head lamp v1:
*Head Lamp v2:
*Wireless tattoo power supply:
There are many options here
are just a few.
*Wired power supply:
*Green Soap Large size:
*Green Soap Small size:
*Sports Wrap:
*Paper Towels:
*Scott Shop Towels:
*A&D Ointment packs:
*INKEEZE Green Glide:
*Hustle Butter:
*Ink caps:
*Clip cord sleeve v1:
*Clip cord sleeve v2:
*Barrier film:

*Stencil stuff:
*Squeeze bottle:
*Plastic wrap:
*Stencil paper:
*Stencil Machine:
*Tattoo Tray:
*Tattoo Rolling tray station:
*Heydraulic Tattoo chair/table:
*Tattoo artist chair:
*Sharps container:
*Tattoo arm rest:
*Tattoo bed:

*Canon Printer:
*Disposable razors:
*Tool box:

*Tongue depressors:

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  1. IF you watched till the end you will see that right before we hit the white ink the stream stops…. This is due to my phone dyeing. Sorry about that everyone, I sill ensure I keep it plugged in for future live tattoo streams. Thanks again for all the support and lets Keep Rocking! 🤘🙏🤘

  2. Sorry I missed the live….here we go!!!! Yes! Loving the video. Pure dedication right here. ✅️ ❤️ Looks tons better! 👍 have you tried Vibrant inks, they have awesome colours, nice inks.
    It's hard with one hand 😆 would love to see you work on the rest of hand and arm another week!

  3. that micro dial contact screw looks bent i did same with thhe t dial shader tattoo on my left hand pain in the butt mickey sharpz good friend of mine tattooed together for a while i used to build those machines for a while at tindle street and stratford road before try kuro sumi black n greywash u get much deeper tones n packs really well and very dark black personnaly i had better results than i did with the dynamic black i used magnums m1s and it flew in n stays well too nice tattoo dude i would say that coz i have it too mickey taught me a lot iff you want to swap a bit of knowladge

  4. Only just watching this now , missed it yesterday.for some I got no notification even though u got them on for your vids. Anyway been waiting and hoping you would do lives , please do more 👍👍👍👍from uk

  5. I started tattooing so I could do my own tattoos, it snowballed after that and now I tattoo others. This was a great video, I love seeing someone else struggling with angles,lol. Great job dude.

  6. My husband absolutely loves ur channel! We are new subscribers and I can honestly say we truly appreciate all ur hard word and dedication u put into ur videos. It’s shows us ur really committed to providing the best content as possible. There’s a lot of channels on YouTube but ur channel hands down is one of the best! Keep up the great work man

  7. Questions…have a recommendation for a power supply for a cordless? Need on that goes down to 3.5 or 4 v. I got one that you recommend and it works great, but I need something that goes lower then 5v.
    Thanks for the suggestions.

  8. Great job, man. Nice to see a full session with the shading process and how many passes you are making with the two drops of black. It turned out great. Makes me want to tattoo my own hand, but not sure if I'm ready to display my work in such a visible spot lol. Keep ip the great work

  9. Touching everything without gloves in the beginning☝🏻😉
    All kidding aside, love your videos❤ I have personally learned alot from all of your tips, it has helped me a ton🙏🏻
    So thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, you rock sir💪🏻

  10. I’m currently active duty airforce been tattooing now for over 5 years. I wish I still had my first machine I switched to rotary and lost my old stuff in a pcs. The military paid me for it but will never be able to replace the #1.

  11. I didn't know you were in Ohio! I'm in Ohio as well! (Southern California transplant tho)
    Thanks so much for all the knowledge.. I listen to you every time I sit down to draw or tattoo. There's always something I can take away from your videos, whether it be knowledge or just how you try to uplift everyone.
    Appreciate you dude.
    All my best to you and your beautiful family

  12. Always a pleasure tattooing yourself 😂. But always enjoy the videos. I know you always use the INK EEZE, just wondering if you've ever tried the Richie Bulldog Hustle Butter. I've just recently started using it and works great for me. Also use it for healing process as well.

  13. You made an old tattoo, look much more vibrant, colorful & its now looks more dimensional. It's fun to watch you working on yourself live too! Hope you do it more! 💖

  14. I made it to the last of the live feed and I started watch from the start when you sed it would be hard to train ur outher hand lol not me I can tattoo with both hands im they feel the same on witch ever hand I us if that makes sent lol amdextric

  15. Feeling ya pain brother i have tattooed myself a few times now and sucks everytime never gets any better……. Deffo feeling the burn 👍🤘🤘🤘

  16. What do the different numbers of drops of color mean? I'm wanting to start tattooing, but I'm a beginner so I was wondering what the difference is between the colors also