Little Women (2019) HAIRSTYLES | Jo, Amy & Beth Hair Tutorial

Hey it’s jackie wyers & welcome back to my channel! today we are doing a series of hair tutorials based on Little Women movie 2019 directed by greta gerwig hairstyles! In this video I’m recreating Jo Amy & Beth March’s curls, braids & twisted updo! I forgot to mention in the intro, but if there’s interest in another Little Women MEG tutorial of her ball scene, I can do that too! Just give this video a thumbs up for more Little Women and comment which March sister you relate most to, excited to read your replies! ps. sorry for a voiceover fail in this, my file got too big to make any changes LOL so i just left it


JO’s Curls: 1:04
JO’s Bun: 2:52
JO’s Braid: 5:00

BETH Half Up Half Down Twist: 5:53

AMY Twisted Updo: 8:16
AMY Braided Pigtails: 11:20

If you haven’t seen the new adaptation based on the novel yet, YOU SHOULD! Saoirse Ronan was amazing as Jo, you can’t not love Emma Watson as Meg, Florence Pugh gives Amy a new understanding, & Eliza Scanlen will break your heart as Beth! Timothee Chalamet isn’t too bad to look at either haha.

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Disclaimer: Not sponsored! I loved the movie & used products that work best on my hair.

if you are reading this… comment, “HER ONE BEAUTY!!!”

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  1. Every makeup look is so fresh and beautiful! My favorite was Amy’s hopefully there’s a tutorial for it someday because they’re all super wearable which is great!

  2. What is the name of the style of the gray hat that you wear in minute 4:48 I loved it, I want one like that
    I love your videos, this father who recreates the hairstyles of the movie of little women

  3. I haven't seen the movie but I want to. I noticed you didn't create any of Meg's hairstyles. You should create some of her hairstyles for a video. 🙂

  4. I love Jo because she’s passionate about things she loves, like writing and I have hopes and dreams like her! I’m also can be like a boy, sometimes I sit and eat like a boy so that’s a really Jo thing! My boyfriend however is the Prof. Bhaer to my Jo ☺️✒️

  5. I feel like I relate the most to Jo when reading the book! She’s exactly like I am. We’re both writers with bad tempers. We both were definitely Tom boys growing up and we both refuse to become adults! Everything about her I resonate with and she is a dream role of mine to play one day

  6. Hey! All your videos are honestly amazing. You’re very talented! If any of your videos have flopped in anyway, I do think it’ll be the algorithm! YouTube can be like that, just know it has nothing to do with your content, because it is on point 💕💕💕💕 Much love! Keep being you, you’re original 💜💜💜💜

  7. Hi there! I just wanna let you know how much you inspire me to be in touch with my inner Stacey, or better yet my feminine persona in general!