L.A Tattoo Artists You SHOULD Go To

Hey Guys !!

In todays video I talk about some hella talented tattoo artists in the Los Angeles area !!

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  2. Native LA born gal here! Right now my 2 favorite shops in my area are Lincoln Tattoo and Black Diamond Tattoo! They're both pretty well-established, reasonably priced, and have some fantastic artists! I recently got tattooed by Jordan Hart from Lincoln Tattoo and I absolutely love what he did! There are a TON of shops in LA, so if you do your research you really can't go wrong πŸ™‚

  3. I want to get a good motorcycle tattoo with a grim reaper and a half naked devil girl leaning against a motorcycle holding hands i live in stockton California where do I go? whats the best place? For a tattoo like that

  4. There's a lot of bad artists in Southern California and LA can be very difficult to deal with even as a local. I ended up getting my first tattoo by an artist in Utah of all places that is fantastic. Turns out that my artist is from LA area too πŸ˜… and she agrees that there's quite a lot of bad ones so I'm glad you have a video to help bring attention to the good ones

  5. I live in orange country California been trying to find a good tattoo artist or just an artist in general I have ideas & can’t draw for anything lol anyone can help plz

  6. I amconsidering getting some text in my friend’s handwriting on me. Not necessarily a style per say, so I’m wondering (aside from making sure the place is clean) how much research on an artist I really need to do. Is it safe to assume anyone in a reputable shop can do that easily? I’m actually just hoping for someone who is sensitive to the experience of getting a memorial tattoo. I’m in LA so this video helps, but any other suggestions? Open for anyone reading this to answer. Thanks 😊

  7. Your vids have been very helpful. I’ve never been tattooed and I don’t know where to start to find the right artists. I want to do an entire sleeve with one person. Any pointers?? I’m in CA

  8. It don’t matter how old you are if you csent to being with someone then it’s ok. You can’t change your Mined latter. But I don’t know the whole story.

  9. If you have a bit I'd love to talk tattoo stuff with you, I've been watching your videos for about a year and think you have good taste .

  10. I came to view this video for some kind of hope. Im so disappointed in the tattoo I got today over another that I’ve been wanting to cover up for the longest now and this guy let me down..😒 Im like so upset I dont even know what to do. The time I’ve wasted driving over 60 miles back and forth for this to happen to me again. I cried in the shop and my way back home. 😞 I feel helpless.

  11. Oh shoot, just noticed that I'm in one of your vids! How cool, I've been checking out your tattoo videos for a while now. Actually Romeo turned me onto your videos when I tattooed him years ago ha!