Just unwrapped my FIRST tattoo?? Is this okay line work- last photo is when it was first done

Does the last photo look like straighter lines than the first three? It had been 2 days so I unwrapped it and am stressing OUT because I feel like the lines aren’t straight. Someone either reassure me or tell me I need a touch up or maybe it’s just scabbing right now?

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  1. The lines are pretty shaky. In the flower part its no biggy, but the arms are a bit of a shame
    But you can even them out by thickening them. I wouldn’t go to original artist tho.
    I’m a tattoer- and I doubt they’ll be able to fix it well from seeing this line work

    I think when it was fresh it looked straighter because you can see the stencil ink too, and it’s creating an illusion

    Best thing to do is let it heal. Give it a month, freaking out now is no use. See if it bothers you then, it most likely won’t. It’s isn’t that bad

  2. being obsessed with your new tattoo -aka focusing exclusively on the cons of it aka stressing yourself out aka wanting to rip your skin off-? oh i have NO IDEA what you’re talking about:) jokes aside, it’s a pretty normal reaction, you’ll forget about your tattoo as the days go by and it
    fully heals. looks good to me if you still wanna know that! ☺️

  3. The arm lines do look a little shaky but honestly I didn’t even notice until I zoomed in. The tattoo is super cute, the flowers are nice. I wouldn’t worry about it 🙂

  4. The lines themselves aren’t the best but it’s forgiveable as a whole imo. It’s nothing that can’t be calligraphied or touched up by an experienced artist