Is My Tattoo Artist Copying Her Own Designs??

PLEASE READ: Cleary people are getting butt hurt regarding the shading question. It is not impossible to add color to shaded tattoos. That’s how you do it for all color tattoos. You shade them first. But MY ADVICE was never to get a perfect, completed black and gray piece and then add color to it since a finished black and gray piece is (should be) different to a half finished color piece that is lacking color. I would never recommend someone get a plan B tattoo when it can just be avoided by you making up your mind.

♥ In today’s video, I give some personal tattoo advice to all those who have emailed me their questions. I talk about shaving, boob size and tattoo copying (everyone’s favorite topic haha!). If you want to send me your personal tattoo question, make sure to follow me on – that is where I post when it’s time to send me new emails!

Also, I hope I made it clear that this is in no way a video criticizing this artist haha. I understand the concern of copying (of course), but from what I personally could see, she is not tracing the designs. If you do choose to get tattooed by her then you must be aware that many designs will look similar, but hopefully, they will all be unique in some way. 🙂

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  1. Anatomical tattoos are always going to look pretty similar, because that's just the nature of what any given organ looks like. Especially if you want a certain style of art or line work

    Plus, if you are looking at smaller pieces, you can't know if the tattoo you are looking at is flash or an original design without asking. It's possible that some of the pictures on Instagram are of flash tattoos

  2. This is a old video I know. But want comment anyway. Artists that I know here in my country do not ever do flash tattoos again on anyone. When they are sold they are sold to that person that buys it. My trusty artist always says in posts that the flash is available if it is. After it is sold she labels it as ”reserved” and it she will not do it to another person. Ecxept if the reserver cancels the appointment all together before tattooing then it can be sold to the next in line though it rarely happens. So not one flash is put on two people ever. I respect this policy to the roof. These artists are hardworking and do not make easy money by ”copying” their own art but make even flashes personal to each costumer 🖤

  3. I asked my tattooist if he would concider using me as a practice dummy for his original designs and he was all in I'd even get a discount meaning he's only gonna make me pay for supplys. They love the idea of tattooing there own designs on people 😍😊

  4. Friends with your tattoo artist?? I got tattoos from my artist because he was my friend first. Granted I would never get a tattoo from him that involves showing tit.

  5. I draw and sketch a lot and would love to finally get a tattoo but I dont know if it would be rude to draw my own tattoo or if I should let the artist do their own?

  6. 💚 I just found your channel and this is my third video. I wanted to say, as a tattooer, I appreciate your content and this is great information.

  7. On the topic of flash tattoos, a lot of my favourite artists remove designs they’ve used from the sheet. Sort of like first-in-best-dressed. So while that artist is reproducing work similar t past pieces, I think her flash work is just sticking to her style and adjusting and altering work she knows is popular among her clients.

  8. I had a chest piece when I had no boobs. It looked amazing as I could display it always. Now my boobs are big it's forever hidden in the cleavage and can only be seen if I pull them apart 😂.
    Small boobs are perfect for chest pieces 👌🏾

  9. after reading your 'disclaimer' in the comments I completely agree. this is an old video of yours I stumbled upon but a black and grey FINISHED piece will be different then a black and grey piece that also has room to be filled in/shaded with color!

  10. My tattoo has really helped me love and appreciate that part of my body more every time I see it I focus on the art that I love rather than the flaws I used to be fixed on

  11. No she is not. She used the same photo for both drawings. I recently noticed several tattoos in tattoo magazines that looked like mine and when i found the photograph my artist had used as a reference, it all became clear.

  12. Hey, just came across your videos and have been almost binging them, really like them. I just got my first tattoo the other day, it was a flash day at this tattoo place/parlour/office (dont know the correct word in english sorry), but I think Flash is a little different there than what you just described. At least there, as soon as you decide on a tattoo and reserve them, they cant be tattood on a another person, it is a custom job, kind off. That is at least what they told me.

  13. All the tattoos the last woman does are so simple and in such a specific style that the can’t really be that different. Like if three people come in and ask for a spring of lavender she can only make them look so different from each other