is it normal for solid tattoo to heal like this?

i got this tattoo about two weeks ago on the outer side of my wrist on my dominant hand. i’ve been washing it twice daily and using aloe vera gel and/or unscented lotion a couple times a day because i tend to have dry skin. and i’ve been letting the scans fall off on there own. i have three other tattoos but they are all line art and shading and they didn’t look like this. it doesn’t hurt or anything i’m just curious if this is normal.


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  1. It’s still healing, but you may have some scarring there. Let it dry out a little bit, too much moisture can be a bad thing. I stop moisturizing after about 5 days and have about a quarter of my body covered, never gave me any issues.

  2. My inner wrist one looked like that from about day 10, healed and scans came away about day 18 and it’s still perfect 10 years on