Intense Blowups Between Tattoo Artists | Ink Master

Ink Master artists face off against the judges, their canvases, and often, each other. Here are some of the most intense artist head-to-heads in Ink Master history. For even more Ink Master, subscribe to #ParamountPlus, where it’s now streaming.

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  1. Lmao man straight up said out of all nothin to say "why you look 50 when you're 24" hahaha that came out of no where like his meteor

  2. Not against anyone who has their face tattooed but I definitely could not do it. I'll cover myself everywhere else but my face. Nothing against them

  3. Boneface was so tired of the BS from the women of season 8 and you could tell lmao. Them 4 girls tried soooooo hard to be unlikable by everyone else in the house and Boneface put in the room lol. Wish he would have actually chucked up the deuce when Gia left. Would have been chefs kiss