Inside Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo’s Secret NYC Tattoo Shop | Behind the Craft | GQ

One of the world’s hottest tattoo artists—with fans ranging from Virgil Abloh to Amanda Shires—set up a two-week residency in the Freehand Hotel. GQ met up with the artist known for his exceptional detail and intricate designs to hear more about his craft and the evolution of the tattoo hideaway.

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Inside Tattoo Artist Dr. Woo’s Secret NYC Tattoo Shop | Behind the Craft | GQ

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  1. Bunch of weirdos who got their first tattoo 2 years ago acting like some 12 year old is a tattoo legend because he has a shop in a hotel. Yawnsville.

  2. Maybe I live in the dark but I have never heard of you dr woo in my life and I am of age 59 , I just got some earrings by some guy name woo , maybe I can get a small tattoo by you for my up coming birthday may be not it will be fine either way… I am just the lady around the block ( ijs )

  3. I get the overrated hype and all but man I think all the hate is actually way more cringe. Nothing arrogant or pretentious has ever been mentioned other then a name drop here and there. Jesus folks

  4. Dr. Woo is a hipster trend. Like I mean I've seen artists just as good if not better than him. I get it he has a cool name and a different style tattoo studio.

  5. I think they sugarcoating too much. Dr. Woo seems like a great tattoo artist, but come on now.
    Everyone has a preference, so I guess it's a bit out of the stretch when he is proclaimed the best of all or something 🤷‍♂️

  6. ppl that get tattoos like this just see the same thing on instagram and is like i want this exact thing, don't change it bc i have no imagination, i just want to post it after and show everyone how cool i am

  7. This is whole lot of gas. He's a good tattoo artist but he's built up this personal brand of hype similar to designer clothes brands. I don't even wanna know the prices people pay for this "designer tattoo experience". But whatever, secure the bag Dr Woo

  8. Name drops “Virgil Abloh” in the beginning for what reason? Lol no offense but there are way more talented tattoo artists out there that don’t get the recognition they deserve. Also single needle, microscopic tattoos don’t last over time… People are so fascinated by a “celebrity” tattooer. That whole waiting at the lobby, and then someone gets you BS, isn’t an experience – it’s just a gimmick.