Inked During COVID-19: Chicago's Tattoo Parlors Reopen

For one Chicago tattoo parlor reopening amid COVID-19, staying sanitized and sterile is nothing new.

Patrick Cornolo, co-owner of Speakeasy Custom Tattoos in the city’s Wicker Park neighborhood, said tattoo shops are cleaner than one might expect.

“Most tattoo shops in general are cleaner than a lot of other places you might go to,” Cornolo said. “Which was another consideration when people were questioning on how long this was going to take and why we should be opened in that first phase.”

Under certain guidelines, Chicago allowed its tattoo parlors, along with hair and nail salons, to reopen on June 3 as part of the city’s third phase in its COVD-19 reopening plan.

Video and story by Evan Garcia for WTTW News

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  1. What they failed to mention is the process has changed because of Covid. You cannot meet an artist before a deposit and appointment, making finding an artist a hassle.

  2. i am watching this vi because i want to see so i can feel comfortable. it has been 3 years since i got my last tattoo so i am trying to prepare myself