Ink Masterโ€™s Best (& Worst) Mechanical Tattoos ๐Ÿค–

From shiny hot rods to bio-mechanical illusions, these are the best (and worst!) of Ink Masterโ€™s mechanical tattoos.

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  1. โ€œThe things we talked about got lost in translationโ€ no you didnโ€™t make it clear and fucked up the coaching. The more I watch this show the more I hate some of these judges they are so biased and clueless sometimes

  2. Wait, why did they take Oliver Peck out of every video? Lol i just noticed the last minute that he talks in the background, but they donโ€™t show him

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  4. Dude stacy going home legit proves the sexism in this show. They were literally reaching for shit to criticize her for that didnt even make sense. Everyone agreed that austins linework and tattoo was worse at matching the challenge. Thats actually kind of infuriating

  5. I don't even think I can watch this show because of all the stupid stipulations and the time limits that they're giving these people. I want to see people compete in a traditional way in the sense I want to see them tattoo how they would as if they were in their shop not with these stupid stipulations obstacles and time limits they throw in. Also I'm having a hard time getting past these people they picked to be regular judges on the show I understand that Dave Navarro will automatically be one of the judges because he's the one that came up with the show but not the other two because they're not even tattoo artists. Also I don't like the way that these people can judge because some of them are going off their taste and preferences not just judging these people for how they did their work even though they say they are they're not because if you pay super close attention you can tell that at times they are going off their taste and preferences.

  6. He's right blown out or not that thing looked awesome I loved how each section of the body separates and in that separation it shows mobility

  7. I love how Ashley immediately called out Cleen when he said that flag he made represented "America, baby." That thing was clearly a Puerto Rican Flag ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  8. Are they supposed to act like assholes to each other? Most reality show competitions I see they donโ€™t usually straight up all hate each other. Lol

  9. I think that the judges choose when to get technical with a tattoo bc I feel like if that flag was tattooed by anyone else with the one star and it was meant to be an American flag they would use that against the tattoo artist and say thatโ€™s the reason theyโ€™re getting eliminated. Like I might be wrong but thatโ€™s what I think abt anytime I watch this show

  10. โ€žim happy her canvas hates her tattooโ€œ youโ€™re in a competition yeah, but you donโ€™t have to say stuff like that. poor girl

  11. Bro this tattoo competitors are so toxic man why they always shit talking. Man if you know the other guy tattoo looks great say it dont be a bitch and cry about it, man what a bunch of pussies

  12. Why did they edit Oliver Peck out of all of these clips? His voice overs are there but they won't show him on camera?

    Edit: did a little research, found out that an old photo surfaced of him in blackface. He's off the show, and it looks like Paramount wants to distance themselves from him as much as possible

  13. OK, at 13:11 … SERIOUS props to a bunch of civilians who tattooed a AR [M16] receiver assembly on the canvas.
    I mean this as a complete compliment when I say that this old Army veteran it VERY impressed. It looks like you guys have spent as much time cleaning one of the damned things as I have!

  14. I love the Red Skull tattoo, even though they missed the mechanical aspect. If I got that tattoo, I'd still be able to show it proudly. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Ew I appreciate the artwork for the cyborg tattoos but I can't imagine having something so douchey on my body like "yeah I am a machine underneath all of this skin! I'll be bahhhhk!"

  16. At first when I heard the premise for this show I was like "Well, even if the tattoo was free I wouldn't wanna be a canvas for one of these things knowing chances are quite good that I would end up getting one of the losing artists' to do the work for me." but honestly with some very rare and notable exceptions, most of these tattoo artists are unbelievably talented.