I Got a Tattoo from One of Yelp's Worst-Rated Tattoo Parlors | One Star Reviews

Taji gets a tattoo from a tattoo artist who has a 1 star review average online.

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  1. Hay life happens…he took responsibility for it…we all have a bumpy ride…and the internet is toxic when something wrong happens…I know a girl who didn't lile the work she had done and literally got hundreds of FB friends to leave bad reviews on a site…. Props to this man

  2. That’s act not bad at all man artists have bad days but yea in this profession u can’t worry about that n never tattoo close friends or family unless you are top tier n you know you can deliver them top tier world famous work if u can’t don’t tattoo best friends or fam bus Thelma hold too high of expectations, unless your in tht top bracket of world renowned artist the lil bs; Sarah millers ,or Jesse smith or any one top level

  3. The tattoo artist seemed to have a lot of patience and great customer service.

    However. The tattoo is terrible. Its illegible, muddy and too heavily shaded. A good tattoo artist has to tell the client what is and isn't possible. Nate should have told the host to find a different image.

  4. but wait I am going to look into the future!!!! One day in the future you will grow facial hair and will receive a 3 star haircut from a slightly off-put Jewish man who owns a crappy barbers chair.

  5. It looks like the WW2 tats my grandpa got in the 40s. Blueish and blurry after only 3 weeks. I got my first tat in 2015 and I am still asked how new it is in 2022. Quality matters.

  6. He definately deserved those 5 stars. A cool dude and he took accountability for his actions and admits to it and wants to put in the work to change. The first step is looking in the mirror and he did that. Major respect. That is a huge problem with today's society everyone has excuse and reasons to not own up to the negative or bad stuff they did but want a trophy if they do one good thing.