How will this style hold up over time?

How will this style hold up over time?

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  1. It’s not mine. I just saw it posted somewhere and thought it was interesting/really neat style but was agarics of what everyone is saying 😂

  2. Not well lmfao. Because it’s so intricate and detailed with small lines placed close together, over time it will age very poorly and fade easily as well as look blended (you won’t be able to tell what the picture is after a while)

  3. This artist has a lot of healed posts on instagram, but not many of them are over a couple years healed. 10+ years will probably not be kind to this style. They heal really rough, several in the healed stories look years old and are healed only a few months.

  4. My tattoo artist told me that the lines are the thinnest the day you get your tattoo done…this’ll expand overtime and be totally unrecognizable

  5. The linework is shoddy and the lines are way too thin to last well. This was a great drawing but tattoos need to be simpler to account for the fact that they get fuzzy over time.