How to Tell if a Tattoo Shop is Clean

This video discusses the topic of cleanliness in tattoo shops and includes some common things to look out for or ask about if this is a concern of yours as a prospective tattoo client.

Included in the video are some tips for you to consider regarding evaluating how clean a tattoo shop is, as well as some tattoo etiquette advice so that you don’t offend your tattoo artist when you are asking about these sort of things. Please keep in mind that in a lot of places there is no standardized system for tattoo shop cleanliness and that some professional tattooers may have differing opinions about what things are important and what the level of cleanliness should be. This is not a black and white issue and these are just my personal opinions as a professional tattooer of 8 years at the time of this recording.

I hope this helps to make your experience a safer one and gives you some peace of mind of cleanliness in tattoo shops is your concern. Thanks for watching!

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  1. Do you think it’s fine to politely ask for tattoo artists to let you know what safety procedures they use? People have very strong & diverse safety ends/tendencies (on both sides) & I think as long as you’re being friendly about it, you should feel free to authentically communicate about even the specifics/basics of what safety procedures the tattoo artists use.

  2. Cross contamination and bbp are an must for training in my opinion and should be always on mind! Like opening ink bottles with an new paper towel every time every bottle anything to make it safe for the client. I personally use all throwaway gear it makes it easy if you have 2 smaller pieces in an day.

  3. Woww! I'm so Glad I stumbled upon your channel. I was looking for some information on First time tattoo's. You are an Encyclopedia of Tattoo Knowledge! Also , can you please make a video on how safe it is to get Tattoos done during this Covid situation? Keep the videos coming!! Cheers!

  4. I was always told that a tattoo studio should be as clean as an operating theatre when you walk in, during the actual tattoo process itself with regular change of gloves, follow cross contamination rules, clean up any spillage immediately, changing gloves, changing cord covers if touched with the "dirty" hand, change gloves, etc. It should be a doddle for studios to operate fully still in this pandemic as they should have been cleaning to the same COVID regulations required for tattoo studios way before COVID was even born within the bat & pangolin that it originated from! There is no excuse for not having a surgically clean work area.

  5. Great video man, I learned a lot from this. In the image you posted of an example of a cleaning room, I see there is a Crest ultrasonic cleaner on the counter. Is that the brand ultrasonic cleaner you guys currently use in your shop? Or do you use another brand? And if so, how do you like it

  6. When i'm in the tattoo store i always check if everything's clean , and if i don't see them spraying alcohol on the seat i won't get my tattoos done in their seat and their tattooing gun if i see it's isn't clean too i won't use that store , i'm a very clean guy 100% and how they
    organize their stuff and if they don't do it before they are done with the previous customer i won't use that tattoo guy / tattoo lady lmfao lmao lol yolo & i will check the needle's as well if they state on the packaging it's sterilize & it's unopen before i get my tattoo done but if the tattoo artist open infront of me it's alright and i will check too if they are wearing both gloves , in singapore the tattoo shop that i go to doesn't have any loo . Wow i don't clean their stuff i only pay attentions to my surroundings .@ 11.01 mins yeah your fucking right lol lmfao lmao yolo . Heyy James Withee thank you for explaining it clear and loud damn fuck me you made me your big fan all the way from Singapore .

  7. Though I have been getting tattooed every two weeks for a year and just now stumbled across your channel last week, I appreciate the effort and information you are giving. You actually have made me understand the process better, and maybe a better customer. Thank you for the time you put into each episode!

  8. The shop that’s my favorite has a public bathroom. It’s extremely clean and kept. But the artist like to joke around and they will tell u the light is a clapper (It’s not). They will turn the music down in the shop to see if the client really does clap or if they find the switch on the wall. 🤣🤣