Hair Putty I used in this Video

Is your hair thinning out? Follow this tutorial on how to style your hair to make it look thicker!
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  1. My Hairs are curly and very thin in the middle of the head… I think it will take 9-10 months to get longer hairs like you..If I use a cap will it damage my hair?

  2. Why don't you head shave them regrow it will help you and may make your hair heavier or thicker and don't stress so much on your hair I mean you run so much fingers on your hairs this will increase your hairfall

  3. But if I want a different hair style in my thin here then for that hair are long then only we can hide it but if short hairs then what to do

  4. I’m 21 and my hair is already starting to thin out. 😒 but stressing about thinning hair will only make it worse. It is what it is. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

  5. I really like your sense of humour, and I'm keen to try this trick. Unfortunately Tresemme Tres Create is hard to find. I went full nerd (yes, there was a spreadsheet) and compared the ingredients profiles of a bunch of locally available styling putties, to find ones that were more like Tres Create and less like the Dove putty you showed. It turned out the two that were the closest actually claim to "make thin hair look thicker" when I bothered reading anything other than their ingredients. They are TIGI Bed Head Manipulator and TIGI Bed Head Hard To Get. I've got the former and I'll try it in the next few days and let you know.