How To Open a Tattoo Shop

In this episode I talk with my tattoo artist Jeremy Hulett as he is giving me a new tattoo. He has been in business for over 20 years and has actually done all the tattoos I have.

We talk about how he became a tattoo artist and how he opened his own tattoo shop.

We will talk about the ups and downs of starting a business.
How to use social media to inspire new art.
Why you need to be around others doing your craft.
What it was like going form transitional tattoo machine to the new machines.
Why the iPad helps you become a better tattoo artist.
How to stay on top of your game.
There are new and upcoming tattoo artist every day.
How to evolve with the times.

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One Comment

  1. jeremy hulett is a hidden gem and when you find him … .the world of tattoo art and overall universe opens up … His linework is so good you could stop there and by itself alone without color is probably better than most peoples tattoos finished with color .. lol… and he is humble… so if you want the best …. overall experience and something that the line work and color lasts for so long , so fresh , so clean , no scratch crap here …. contact him and you will be so happy you did…. i have a half sleeve from him ….. i get compliments all the time and its not done yet…. i just booked another 4 hours and it will be done very soon , im excited